JAMPRO, M-Stem join hands to bring more FDI in ICT/BPO sector

JAMPRO, Jamaica Promotions Corporation, is trying to capitalize on the growing ICT/BPO sector, and as a move the firm is trying to bring in more Foreign Direct Investments (FDI). The Promotions Corporation of Jamaica has also now entered into a partnership with M-STEM targeting the Indian BPO industry and its impeccable NASSCOM leadership.

The executives of M-STEM and JAMPRO are teaming up for a mission in Mumbai this month. NASSCOM leadership forum is one which sees a large gathering of all CEOs around the world.
JAMPRO - Jamaica Promotions Corporation

This is the third year the trade and investment agency shall be participating in the Leadership Forum trying to make a major entry into the Indian BPO market. JAMPRO and NASSCOM has tried several ways and contacted several outsourcing Indian firms.

Sutherland Global Services, one of the leading BPO firm has been impressed, by the possibilities of establishing business in Jamaica and has established its Global Delivery Centre (GDC) in West Indies.  The establishment promises a number of jobs in the country.

Jamaica is one of the leading English speaking BPO destinations in the Caribbean, and it certainly has a competitive edge over other countries. Promoting Jamaica and supporting its entry in the Indian market is obviously going to reap benefits and attract more FDI.

The island country now has to maintain visibility and better contacts with the BPO firms in India in order to add value to its position in the Indian market. The Minister of State, Science and Technology, Robinson noted that the country is now planning to improve and strengthen its leads at the NASSCOM leadership forum and also trying to collaborate with as many number of companies possible. The talks with the companies are a move to attract the companies to invest in Jamaica.

The success of companies like Hinduja Global Solutions and Sutherland Global in Jamaica is to be noted. This will also help other companies to place their trust in Jamaica and make investments there. The value of BPO sector in Jamaica at the global level is expected to rise with the JAMPRO/M-STEM venture.

The Jamaican BPO market has a number of advantages as the island nation is closely related to Canada and United States both geographically and culturally. It has a skillful workforce that can speak English. The labor costs and political situations along with a favorable government policy towards the sector makes Jamaica a sure bet for enhancing FDI in BPO sector.


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