Japan and Vietnam IT firms shake hands over new BPO joint venture

Agrex, based in Japan and FPT Software, based in Vietnam have entered a new BPO joint venture which is claimed to be the first of its kind joint venture taking place in the ASEAN region. The venture will be targeting the BPO services in Japanese market first and will expand cross the globe soon after that.  According to a report from Vietnam News on Wednesday, the IT firms have invested in the establishment of F-Agrex, which is to be the joint venture.

CEO of FPT Software, Truong Gia Binh, said that the operations of F-Agrex are slated to begin in July of this year. Agrex is a firm run by IT Holdings Group of Japan while FPT Software is a FPT Corporation subsidiary. FPT Corporation is a telecommunication and information technology company based in Vietnam.

According to the chairman of FPT, Hoang Nam Tien, the partnership serves as a golden opportunity for the business process outsourcing services in Vietnam which is blossoming. The venture is expected to cater to the demand for human resources in the industry which has not been satisfied by the businesses in Vietnam.

With the signing of the memorandum of understanding between the two companies, F-Agrex was given life and will become operational by July.  Established with the goal of implementing global BPO, the venture is said to provide significant benefits to both the companies. F-Agrex will leverage Agrex completely and imbibe the 50 years of experience that the company has in BPO services.

FTP software has in-depth experience of about 15 years in the management of large-scale software projects and has proved the company’s mettle with their implementation of competitively prices, yet high quality, BPO projects in Japan. F-Agrex will benefit considerably from this rich experience as well.

F-Agrex, after it begins operations in Japan, will expand to the potential markets elsewhere, such as Vietnam and the rest of the ASEAN countries. FPT is also gearing up to work along with FPT Polytechnics in order to start a BPO training department and Japanese language course.

Okamoto Susumu, president, IT Holdings Group, Japan, has stated that when the operations begin, the number of members in the staff would be just 100 and this figure is expected to rise to 500 by the year 2015. The BPO joint venture between the IT firms of Vietnam and the leading Japanese BPO company is expected to open up new doors and usher in newer trends in the BPO services in both the countries.

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