Moody buys majority stake in analytics outsourcing firm, Copal Partners

New York, 16th November, 2011: Moody’s Corporation, one among the leading Rating agencies in the United States has decided to buy majority shares of Copal Partners. It was on Monday the declaration came from the senior authorities of Moody’s. According to Moody’s; the company is fully prepared for the agreement and has decided to close the deal with cash in hands. They also made it clear that there is no plan to alter the earnings per share in the year financial year 2011. As far as Copal authorities are concern, they consider this initiative as an achievement for the whole research industry.  

In the outsourcing research industry there is a huge scope as major players and investment institutions are depended on the analytics of research institutes. Moody’s considers the latest initiative taken by the firm will help to tap the huge scope in research analytics. In the previous year there was a drastic increase in the overall business revenue of the company particularly from research analytics department. Where as there was a fall in the overall revenue from credit ratings services provided by the Moody’s. Since the company has observed a positive trend in the research and analytics, they are looking forwarded to strengthen the analytics business. Moreover there is also information that Moody’s is planning for more diversification in the coming years.

At present, other details on the terms and conditions of the contract between both the companies is not reveled. But, information from other sources makes it clear that both the companies have settled down with a comfortable decision; according to which Copal Partners will retain the current management team. And Moody’s will be offering other assistance such as the software and research services. The operations will be directly handled by the Moody’s.

As far as Copal Partners are concern, the firm is well advanced with it customized services to various clients. They deal with various leading institutional investors as well as hedge funds. The company also has dealings with private equity firms and moreover the company is also expertise with different services provided by the firm such as due diligence support and valuation analysis. It also has services such as credit and equity research and strategic business development and much more. At present Copal Partner has overall revenue of around $50 million and offices at various locations in India, China and the United States.  

The agreement between both the companies can be considers as a big achievement for the outsourcing research and analytics industry. Today Moody’s is one among the biggest company in the industry with their presence in around 27 different countries.

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