NASSCOM launches one stop BPO guide

November 25, 2011: NASSCOM, the premier organization in India which represents the Indian Information Technology industry and sets the guidelines for public policy has come up with a ‘BPO Career guide’. This is a step forward in their effort to publicize the jobs in the Business Process Outsourcing sector.

NASSCOM has published the BPO career guide on their official website and on the NASSCOM Assessment of Competence Website. The career guide can be downloaded for free from the above websites. NASSCOM is planning for coming up with similar guide on the Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) as well.

Different stakeholders were concerned with the ignorance of the common man about the BPO sector and associate career potential in the state of Kerala. This has prompted NASSCOM to come up with such a career guide. The guide, in simple language will help in making one understand the basic facts of the BPO career paths like various job profiles, skills required, compensation and benefits. In addition to this the manual contains inputs from the industry too.

This move will help NASSCOM in publicizing BPO jobs as a career direction, since the readers will be able to understand the basics of the BPO industry from a credible source. According to Sujith Unni, Senior Associate, NASCOM, Kerala Office, the guide will help in creating a well informed group of candidates who can be beneficial for the industry.

Since there are huge opportunities in the BPO industry, both the higher educational institutions and the students have welcomed the effort by NASSCOM. The revenue of the BPO industry in India is estimated to reach USD 50 billion by the year 2012. The current BPO market in India is worth USD 1.4 Billion.

In order to meet the requirements of the industry the government needs to invest heavily in education and building infrastructure. It is expected that if the revenues grows to USD50 billion, the industry will generate employment opportunities for 2 million people directly and two or three times indirect employment. The BPO industry requires graduates who have skills such as analytics and excellent communication skills that are employable as it would otherwise face shortage in terms of employees. The career guide plans to make the most out of the growing BPO industry in India.

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