BPM news round up for the week September 24-28, 2012

Top BPM News round up for the week 24-28 September 2012.

  1. Asia Pacific BPM market to reach $ 9.5 billion by 2016: Gartner

    According to latest research report published by Gartner, the BPM market in Asia-Pacific region (APAC) is growing to reach $ 9.5 billion by 2016. It is estimated that the BPM market will reach $ 6.45 billion in the year 2012. As per the statement released by Gartner, the business process management market of Asia-Pacific region is still under developed and untapped posing huge growth potential for the service provider in the region. The report states that the largest market for APAC region for the year 2011 was Australia ($4.63bn) followed by India ($ 1.26 billion). Further the report claims that India and China continue to be the fastest growing BPM market in the APAC region.

  2. Karnataka state government in India likely to exempt IT/BPM companies from complying Industrial Act until April

    Reluctance of IT and BPM companies in the Karnataka state of India to comply with factory centric Industrial Employment Act of 1946 is forcing the state government to exempt IT and BPM companies from complying till April 2013. IT and BPM companies were allowed an exemption from the Act for 10 years from 1999. However, when the industry was feeling the heat of slowdown, government extended the exemption and according to government sources the extension period has expired.

    The Industrial Act requires the firms to prepare guidelines regarding how labour force will be organized into permanent and temporary staff. They should also have a manual with details related to shifts, termination, wages, retirement and Redressal. In the opinion of the BPM industry experts, the Act will only increase the rate of attrition and do not allow them to adopt flexible working style and hours which is crucial for the industry to flourish.

  3. TESDA of Philippines to hold trainers training program for IT/BPM industry.

    The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) of Philippines announced a training program for the trainers in the IT and BPM industry in partnership with industry leaders. TESDA and the Business Processing Association of Philippines (BPAP) will carry out the Trainers’ Methodology Plus (TM Plus) program to develop the trainer’s skill in training the personnel for the industry. The program will impart necessary training to enhance the skill set of the trainers required for the BPM industry. The BPM industry of Philippines is expected to become $ 25 billion industry and employ about 1.3 million Filipinos.

  4. US most preferred destination to manage IT process: HfS

    According to a latest survey report released by HfS, corporate leaders are looking out to hire the service of providers in US to manage their IT process than Indian IT service providers. The report claims that need for innovation, communication and domain skill rather than labor arbitrage is driving the new trend. As per the survey, the new types of values what the corporate leaders are seeking are readily available in US. The report stated that the companies are keen to hire onshore services but they are left with less choice unlike offshore services.


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