Peru is the new hotspot for call center services in Latin America

Peru, which is the proud owner of an indigenous culture, has now added another feather to its cap. It has been silently working its way up the ladder in the call center industry. It has surpassed other Latin American countries like Spain and Chile in routing its way to the BPO hall of fame.

As per the statements released by Associacion Peruana de Centros de Contacto (APECCO ) a.k.a.  Association of  Peruvian Contact Centers, the call center industry in Peru witnessed a growth of 17% in 2012. Guy Fort, the President of APECCO echoes this opinion and reveals that in 2012, an export revenue of US$ 400 million was generated by this industry.  In addition, the growth of the export sector was estimated to be more than 14%.

Peru Map

The year 2012 saw a rise in the export services offered by Peruvian call centers. Offshoring contributed to 42% of the call center services operated by Peruvian enterprises. Over the years, the number of call centers in Peru has risen steadily.

Figures show that in 2005, there were only a few call centers in the country that provided offshoring services. By 2010, export services from call centers were credited with bringing in 35% of the business in the BPO industry.

Salient aspects that play a role in gaining new business

Peru stands at 39 on the list of the world’s largest economies. It is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. The World Bank has classified it to be under the “upper middle income’’ group. The economic surge it experienced in the 2000s has led to its development as a major center of the BPO industry.

These factors have contributed to the mushrooming of call centers all over the country. Even though, in the early days of the industry, call centers were clustered around Lima, the largest city and the capital of Peru, at present they are located in little provinces around the country.

One of the main reasons that attract offshore BPM companies to this South American country is that there is no tax levied on the export services delivered by call centers.

A striking feature of Peruvian call centers is that they hire a large number of workers. The availability of a relatively young and flexible workforce seeking new opportunities has led to a spurt of growth in the outsourcing sector. This combined with an innovative process of recruitment has attracted more youth to join this rapidly growing sector. All these elements have come together and sowed the seeds for the burgeoning of the call center industry in Peru.

The future prospects look bright as Peru appears ready to leap into a new horizon of endless possibilities in the BPO field.

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