Protest rising against Romney’s outsourcing ads in US

A campaign ad by Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney in Ohio insisting that some manufacturers are shifting jeep productions jobs from United States to China has brought wide chaos in the US. As per the experts, the messages in the campaign are misleading. Chrysler had planned to manufacture their car models in China, with operations routed in America itself.

The TV ad says that “American president Barack Obama took GM and Chrysler into bankruptcy and sold Chrysler to Italians who are planning to build jeeps in China.” Another ad broad casted via radio says that through this decision of Barack Obama, General Motors will cut out 15,000 job opportunities of Americans and thereby creating 15,000 more jobs for China.

Vice President Joe Biden, Chrysler and General Motors had raised their protest against the depiction made by President Barack Obama’s auto industry bailout. This ad had raised great protest among the autoworkers in Toledo and throughout Ohio.

Mitt Romney’s claims are highly misunderstanding. As per Chrysler they are adding 1,100 jobs to its plant in Toledo. At the same time they are adding production facilities in China to satisfy the growing car demands in China.  Chrysler is planning to manufacture all types of its cars in China. But they are not moving their operations to China.

However, the ad conveyed something else and it sent wrong signals across the people. American people will misunderstand the situation as more work will flow to China, by taking off their opportunity to work in the country. But in response to the ads, GM and Chrysler had expressed their opinion that that are not shifting their operations to China. He also claims that due to increased demand for Jeeps in US, they had increased the production in the country. This created more than 11,200 job opportunities in US, since 2009. They also put the point forward that the assembly lines for the jeeps will stay within US, and will constitute the backbone of the brand. So it is obvious that, more employment opportunities will be deployed more with US, than in China.

The company aims for the selling 800,000 Jeep vehicles by 2014. To achieve this goal North American participation in production is very critical. They are also trying to expand entire US operations including Jeep facilities. Through the expansion of Toledo Assembly Complex, job opportunities will increase by 1,100 numbers by 2013. In future also BPM operations in US will improve the job opportunities of Americans. As they are planning their production in US itself, they will be hiring US staff for operations rather than importing the work force from China.

Thus it almost seems a wrong bullet fired in air by Mitt Romney and he need to pull out some strong arguments if he has to come out of this deeper challenge.


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