SalesPortal launches new dashboard for Call center campaign analytics

July 6, 2012: A leading cloud based marketing partner for contact centers and advertisers, SalesPortal introduced new campaign dashboard to access the performance of the campaigns and to measure ROI on spending.

Measuring marketing performance is crucial for all businesses irrespective of its nature and size. This is not any different for contact centers. Today contact centers of many companies are engaged in cross selling and in conducting marketing campaigns to sell products or services for their marketing partners.

Dash board is a way of displaying marketing performance in numbers and graphs in one look. Dashboard presents all the data in the useful information form for the marketing professionals. The dashboards display the key performance indicators which will help the marketing people to understand how successful a campaign was.

SalesPortal is a platform which helps the companies with call centers to acquire new customers for their marketing partners. The portal enables the contact center agents to view end-of-call services offers from their companies marketing partner on their desktop. This agents present relevant offers to the customers and direct the interested customers’ to the partnering firm. A unique opportunity for the partner companies to acquire new customer from a low cost channel. SalesPortal also provides platform for the advertisers to create and manage their campaigns.

The new campaign analytics dashboard enables the contact center agents and marketing executives to track historical sales records, monitor and predict campaign outcomes, access the performance of their customer engagement initiative and inbound marketing campaigns. The dashboard gives graphical representation of the revenues earned and helps to measure the return on investment.

SalesPortal leads dashboard

SalesPortal leads dashboard

Features of the new campaign dashboard:

  1. The companies can allocate products and offerings to their call centers through the portal for conducting sell or buy campaigns.
  2. The companies are then allowed to bid with buyers.
  3. After successful bidding, the contact center agents can monitor the campaign performance in terms of successful bids and customer conversions.
  4. Automatically calculate the ROI.
  5. Forecast results
  6. Track performance for individual campaigns.
  7. Graphically present the information which helps the customers in their decision making.
  8. Track revenue history for each campaign.
  9. Track effectiveness of various customer acquisition initiatives.

The new reporting feature which is an addition by SalesPortal is to help their clients to generate more revenue and to build up their brand in the market.

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