Senheiser launches gadgets for BPO’s and Call Centers

September 26 2011: Senheiser Communications made an announcement on their latest contribution towards the BPO industry.

Now, you might be wondering what can a company that is into manufacturing communication gadgets can contribute towards the billion dollar Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry.  

Yes! There is much for them to contribute. The million dollar company Senheiser Communication A/S which is into the production of wireless and wired headsets launched innovative headsets exclusively to enhance comfortable work of the employees in the BPO sector. According to the manufactures the latest headset has immense benefits for the employees particularly with the advanced digital signal processing system. The focus of the company is to give the audience in India quite unique experience through high profile communication systems and its facilities.

As it is aware that in the Business Process Industry, the role played by communication gadgets are immense. It is found that in the BPO industry, particularly the voice based operations; employees always find issues with their communication devices. It is quite necessary for an outsourcer to enhance the factors such as the quality of work and efficiency which is directly influenced by the communication systems or communication gadgets. It doesn’t matter whether the service providers are from offshore or onshore, no one can afford an unhappy client or customer only because of the communication gadgets lack quality. Keeping this in mind the latest innovative products has been feature with some technological advantages.

As far as a Call center employee is concerned, one of the major issues which one could face is the external noise. And it is quite remarkable that the gadget comes with passive noise cancellation microphone that has the capacity to balance spectrum and deliver silence to enhance the listening. ActiveGard system is only one of its kind systems which can compress sound and make it clearer.

When consulted a top official in a leading outsourcing firm in India, he could give these statement regarding the new innovation; the wireless headsets are so comfortable to be used and make the call center employees enjoy their job without the usual hurdles such as external voice disturbance and lack of clarity. He added; our major clients are from the United States (US). And when customer support and vice based services are concern the first priority an US based company prefer is sound communication system. And he said that the dynamic volume control facility that Senheiser gadgets provide helps in trimming all incoming calls. This will provide the speaker as well as the listener a personal comfort level.   

Communication system is an unavoidable part in any Business Process Outsourcing related business. By welcoming such innovations and technically well equipped gadgets like one which Senheiser has introduced will definitely enhance the future of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry as a whole.

Law for data protection has been introduced in the Philippine on Wednesday known as Data Privacy Act, 2011.


It was in the senate session held yesterday; the Senator Edgardo J Angara introduced the details on the latest act for protecting data to restrict data and information fraudulences. The measure is taken by special recommendation of the ICT to enhance the smooth functioning of the Information Technology (IT) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector in the nation. The session was also addressed by eminent personalities from the Business Process Association of the Philippines (BPAP). Delegates from the Foreign Chamber of Commerce were also present on the day.


On his speech Angara said, in the current scenario the BPO and IT sector is facing issues such as identity theft, data manipulation, information fraudulence and etc as we have to reveal the personal information to a third party vendor and there are loop holes and pith holes for corrupted people to access our personal information and details. It is time for us to say enough! We can’t continue this corruption to be followed any more.


According to him, out of 22 countries that has to go through severe situations caused by data violate in the previous year, the nation is one among. Today hacking and malware is a trend, but it cannot be promoted, right rules and regulations are essential to suppress these mishaps, he added.  


The introduced law is to ensure that data manipulation is taken care of, particularly in both private and public sector. The Data privacy act along with Cybercrime Prevention act will make sure that unauthorized access to data is regulated, individuals revealing their data for services are not harmed, and also putting limits to the liberty of data collections from buyers by the service providers. Limits to data collection means any service provider or vendor can only collect information about the client and customer which is required for the transaction process. There are many vendors who collect information in addition to what they require.  


He also said that the implementation of new rules and regulations will enhance the outsourcing business. Service buyers will be more confident enough to get into a contract with any service provider in the Asia-Pacific offshore region. There are many service buyers who are looking forward to outsource healthcare information management related jobs to the offshore which has direct access to the key information and details of any customer. Implementation of the Data privacy act will make such clients to be more confident to disclose the personal details. 

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