Teleopti announces general availability of the next generation workforce management solution – Teleopti CCC, version 7

January 16, 2009

Teleopti CCC is already one of the most advanced and flexible workforce management solutions on the market. Yet the advancements of Teleopti CCC, version 7 mount to hundreds of improvements directly advised by Teleopti’s global customer base and then developed by our in-house team at headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. The outcome is a versatile, interoperable, and user-friendly workforce and performance management solution that will provide customers with the ultimate user experience and return on investments.

Working in the contact centre environment of today means facing very diverse and complex situations. Teleopti CCC, version 7 is suitable for all types of contact centre operations regardless of size, complexity and industry. No matter whether you manage a small, single site centre or a complex network of centres including several home workers, Teleopti CCC, version 7 can be tailored to the needs of your business.

Teleopti is renowned for providing agent friendly and focused solutions for optimising contact centres or any other customer facing operations. Features like the built-in fairness and rating engine for agents, now enhanced yet again, allow agents to balance their work/life, with lower staff attrition as a consequence.

Other important improvements of Teleopti CCC, version 7 include features such as:

  • A fully fledged Performance Management solution including Management dashboards and Agent scorecards for effective Performance Management and empowerment
  • One-minute optimisation granularity
  • Advanced Intraday Management
  • An integrated “Software Development Kit” for advanced end to end integrations to all solutions providers in the industry
  • After market add-on products – designed, developed and integrated by 3rd party technology partners
  • Modern, Microsoft Office 2007 resembling user interface

Effective workforce and performance management has proven to require top of the line solutions in order to benefit from reduced staff turnover, improved customer service, and enhanced profitability. With Teleopti CCC, version 7 you can feel confident that you have the best solution that the market can offer.

About Teleopti:

Teleopti is the leading provider of solutions for strategic Workforce and Performance Management as well as Telecom Expense Management.

Teleopti, founded in 1992 has its head office in Stockholm with offices in Strängnäs, Oslo, Helsinki, Moscow, London, Frankfurt, Madrid, Istanbul, Dubai and New Delhi.

The company is renowned for developing advanced and user-friendly solutions based on clients’ requirements. Hundreds of enterprises in Europe rely on solutions from Teleopti to improve efficiency and service levels.

Teleopti solutions are available through a network of partners worldwide. Visit our website to find out more.

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