Unilever outsources global HR processes to Accenture in a 5-year agreement

Accenture, a global technology services and management consulting firm, has entered into a business agreement with Unilever, a major marketer of consumer goods to renew a business agreement. The agreement resulted in Unilever outsourcing Business Process for a period of five years to Accenture.

According to the agreement, Accenture will provide business process outsourcing services to Unilever’s employees across all the countries they have been operating in. Unilever has over 130,000 employees working in more than 100 countries worldwide. The statements from the companies don’t reveal the financial transactions involved in the agreement.

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Accenture will be working on implementing certain strategies that eventually develop user experience. The company will work upon improving the HR standards of Unilever. Accenture would be concentrating mainly on aspects like recruitment, HR administration, and the reward system.

In addition, the company will be focusing on learning services which cover major organizational factors like sourcing and development of content, planning the program and delivering it with effect, and system hosting, the learning services may also cover aspects like payroll administration, and management services.

Accenture will provide their services keeping in mind the priorities and targets set by Unilever. The company will introduce innovative techniques that generate business relevant outcome. The new techniques will induce innovation in the employees such that they work effectively towards attaining organizational goals.

In addition Accenture will be implementing a different recruiting approach that would involve the use of social media as a tool. The approach will allow Accenture to forecast the updates of the program such that necessary actions can be taken straight away.

The company will also be expanding the Learning Services segment by creating modules in a learner curriculum. The modules come with courses from functional to strategic aspects. This will let new employees at Unilever learn the work process more efficiently and contribute quality work to their employer.

However the learning process involves the traditional process of employees being led by an instructor. While the recruiting services from the company would involve the better usage of technology that would reduce environmental costs.

The renewed contract of Accenture suggests how efficiently they have been serving the needs of Unilever throughout their 10 year business relationship. This is considered one of the biggest milestones for Accenture.

Teo Correia, a senior Managing Director at Accenture’s Consumer Goods & Services segment said in a statement that the company has been continuously working upon developing innovative strategies. The company strives to increase the abilities of their global work force through effective approaches.

With developing trends, the employees would be looking for positive changes in the organization. It is then up to the human resource wing of a company to ensure that the employees remain focused on their jobs.  This is where Accenture has taken the lead over other companies in the provision of business process outsourcing services.

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