WNS releases EZ-Accounts Payable Workbench, EZ-APW

Nov 10, 2012: WNS, a global Business Process Management (BPM) provider, released their new BPM suite, EZ-Accounts Payable Workbench (EZ-APW) (on Nov 6, 2012). This ERP technology suite claims efficient Procure to Pay (P2P) process and better automation for non-Oracle and non-SAP based ERP solutions.

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WNS (Holdings) Limited is a leading global business process management company based in India. The company kicked off their operations in 1996 and is now serving over 200 clients across globe. BPM services of the company are offered in a variety of sectors like Banking and Financial Services, Shipping and Logistics, Insurance, Healthcare and manufacturing. There are 29 global delivery centers.

EZ-APW suite asserts efficient operations through its three key functionality components.

  • Accounts Payable (AP) optimization solution
  • APW electronic supplier portal
  • APW P-Card

Accounts Payable (AP) optimization solution is the vital component of EZ-APW suite that offer much efficiency to accounts payable operations. Smart operations in accounts payment is done through automation and real-time invoice/payment transaction reporting. APW electronic supplier portal is also important as that of AP optimization solution. This component offers a variety of services like

  • E-commerce
  • Two-way communication
  • Status activity between AP and their supply base

APW P-Card offers the following functionalities.

  • ERP data conformance
  • Financial integration
  • Real-time posting capabilities (for Purchasing Card program management)

So, altogether these components enable broad P2P optimization and transformation experience to clients. The suite is also worth to get employed in a specific functional area. It can serve diverse ERP markets and facilitates new alternatives to P2P technology marketplace.

Procure to Pay (P2P) is the process of connecting goods purchase with final payment of invoices. Traditionally procurement of the goods and its payment is done as separate functions. But integrating the process will deliver sustainable cost advantage and process transformation. WNS usually offer products that promise consistent quality, flexibility, innovation and value

By buying EZ-APW from WNS, companies are able to

  • Achieve substantial savings
  • Enhance internal controls
  • Increase efficiency by standardizing processes
  • Increase flexibility
  • Reposition staff to strategic activities

WNS claims optimization and transformation enabling solutions to ERP by incorporating their new BPM suite, EZ-APW with certified SAP-based and Oracle-based Procure to pay technology options. The suite is suitable for P2P process improvement and its optimization according to the expectations of the client. Thus firms which insist on their business success need to employ the business suite with advanced technologies. It can increase the reliability and flexibility of operations and hence improved business success.

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