Zinnov listed among top outsourcing advisors

February 25, 2012: Zinnov once again managed to make it to the renowned global ranking of the best advisors in the outsourcing industry across the globe, for the fourth time in a row. “The World’s Best Outsourcing Advisors” is the ranking which is being organized by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP). It recognizes the best outsourcing advisors across the globe. The list was prepared after evaluating the application that was submitted to IAOP by an independent panel of judges.

Zinnov is a major player in the area of advisory and management solutions, which has been catering the need of global 2000 and other leading small and medium businesses in terms of advisory services. Zinnov offers services such as offshore advisory, market expansion consulting and human capital optimization. With the current unstable economic conditions, global business, complex requirements of the clients and competition, almost all the business organizations are forced to globalize their business activities in order to achieve growth and optimization. Zinnov since its founding has served large and small organizations and has helped them globalizing their operations which are based in research and analysis.

In the present day world, outsourcing has become a necessity for almost all the leading companies across the world. Zinnov helps clients to find the right outsourcing partners for their firms easily, thereby helping them to optimize their operations. It is more important for the clients to identify the right kind of service providers easily. The ranking will help the clients to identify the best outsourcing advisors.

The factors that distinguished Zinnov from others are their global talent, peer group benchmarking and innovation model. Cost is also a distinguishing factor in the case of Zinnov.

The IAOP is a global organization that sets standards for the global outsourcing industry. It helps the companies to maximize the benefits of outsourcing such as success rates, increasing return on investment of outsourcing.

The rigorous evaluation procedures make the ranking by IOAP more popular and trustworthy among the clients and the outsourcing service providers. Zinnov has been the top performer in the outsourcing advisory section since 2009 and continues to enjoy the position. The clients of Zinnov include Fortune 1000 companies and also many SMBs across the globe. With the position the company now holds, it has become a benchmark for other companies operating in the outsourcing advisory domain and also a favored service provider in the industry.

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