What is Lead Generation Outsourcing?


Lead generation is the process of generating consumer interest in your products, services or business with the aim to develop a sales pipeline. Any person who displays an interest in your business or your products or the services offered by you can … [Continue reading]

What is 3D Printing?

Urbee 3D printed car at 3d Print Show in Paris. Source http://www.3dilla.com

3D printing is the process of converting a digital 3D model into a physical object. It is a technology that was invented by Chuck Hull in 1986. Since then 3D printing technology has developed a lot. Today there are various kinds of 3D printing … [Continue reading]

Outsourced Lead Generation and Sales vs. In-House Lead Generation and Sales

Most companies and business owners are of the opinion that high quality leads is a vital factor for business development. The challenge is to identify the most efficient method to generate the leads. Often the debate is between two specific methods … [Continue reading]

5 Reasons to Consider Procurement Outsourcing

Photographer Mikael Kristenson

The success of a business depends on the organization’s ability to adapt to the changing market demands. To achieve this end it is important for organizations to remain focused on every aspect of the business, including the procurement area. Today’s … [Continue reading]

3D Printing Technology and the BPM industry in India

Wearable 3D Printed Shoes. Photographer Strvct

The Business Process Management (BPM) industry in India is predicted to reach USD 50 billion mark by the year 2020. This spur in growth is expected due to the initiatives by a number of BPM players in various ventures, one of which is 3D … [Continue reading]

Pharma Outsourcing Market of India: An Overview

Pharma Outsourcing. Image source sterlingpharma.com

India has established itself as a global destination for pharma outsourcing. The pharmaceutical outsourcing market in India has emerged from being a promising segment to a major player in the concerned industry. This multi-billion dollar industry is … [Continue reading]

The Future of Cloud Computing in India – Everything You Should Know

Cloud computing is a significant innovation that has transformed the information technology sector. With the advent of cloud computing, accessibility, storage and portability of data has undergone a major shift. The cloud computing market in India is … [Continue reading]

Top 10 Outsourcing Destinations in India

Mysore Palace illuminated. Photograher Muhammad Mahdi Karim

India is a preferred destination for outsourcing IT and ITES services. The position held by India is due to its cities that act as good offshore outsourcing hubs. These cities include the metro cities and some of the tier II cities of India that have … [Continue reading]

5 Career Paths That You Can Pursue in Analytics

Analytics is a relatively new career option. In the last decade this field has evolved significantly. As more and more companies adopt Big Data analysis to improve their business possibilities, the scope for analysts is also on the rise. Analytics … [Continue reading]

5 Tips to Initiate a Career in Big Data Analytics

Image Source Edukart.com

With the advent of Big Data several organizations have realized its true potential and have adopted it to gain a competitive edge against their competitors. This has led to an increased demand of skilled analysts who can handle the various aspects of … [Continue reading]

Why Small Indian Cities and Towns Are Attracting BPO Firms

RuralShores Center

Business process outsourcing (BPO) firms in India are exploring small towns and cities to expand their customer care services, especially in the telecom and banking sector. Even as the metros and the tier-1 cities continue to be the preferred … [Continue reading]

6 Mistakes to Avoid While Selecting Transcription Services


Since, the world is getting more and more obsessed with the well-documented information; it has become all the more important to have an effective way of archiving the information and preserve it in black and white. So the most convenient way is to … [Continue reading]