Winds of Change: Big Data and Education

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A revolution is underway in the United States of America; a movement that threatens to change the very foundation of the education system in the land of the free and home of the brave. At the forefront of this upheaval is the CEO of Udacity, … [Continue reading]

The Surprises that 2014 might Throw at Big Data

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Big Data by and large has been a buzzword to reckon with in 2013. The predictions for the domain have been on the rise given that we are on the threshold of the New Year. The International Institute of Analytics and the IDC notably have released … [Continue reading]

Big Data Pioneering the Future of Marketing and Sales

Big Data

When Internet went mainstream over two decades ago, the domain of marketing and sales was revolutionized like never before. Big Data, today is recreating the same magic that internet began all that while ago. While it is a train set in motion, not … [Continue reading]

Why are CMOs Running to Big Data Schools?

Big Data is mentioned more often than not in professional scenarios across all domains. While data is a word that is simple enough to understand and apply, big data is not an application that is easily understood. Prevalence of Big Data Gartner in … [Continue reading]

Big Data on Its Path to Help the Government Fill up Its Coffers

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Big Data is expected to make the jump into Government offices as it may help in increasing the tax collections. Data such as spending patterns when analyzed can help Governments access critical information which can in turn help in receiving higher … [Continue reading]

Can Big Data Analytics Help Power Up India?

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Power shortage is a major issue in India. The whole world noticed the massive power outage in the country in July 2012. 620 million people in 22 states went without power, sending powerful messages for the modernization of the power infrastructure … [Continue reading]