Pharma Outsourcing Emerges as Leader in Healthcare BPO Sector in India

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Healthcare outsourcing is turning out to be a major avenue of business for the Indian BPO industry. The increasing demand in healthcare outsourcing is creating the environment for favourable and stable growth in the BPO sector. Growing demand … [Continue reading]

5 Top Tips for Outsourcing Big Data Analytics

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Big Data analytics presents a lot of scope for enterprises to improve their business. But, to deal with the gigantic amount of data involved in Big Data analytics enterprises must possess appropriate resources, technology and manpower. While some … [Continue reading]

4 Common Recruitment Blunders to Avoid with Big Data

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The recruitment field is an area of intense workload where recruiters are required to act at a fast pace. With the advent of new technology, social media and job boards, the job of recruiters has become more challenging. The arrival of Big Data into … [Continue reading]

3 Sure-fire Practices to Implement an Effective Big Data Strategy

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Big Data initiatives provide a competitive edge to business. A Big Data strategy can be successful only when it has the necessary components in place. Let us take a look 3 surefire practices that must be followed to implement an effective Big Data … [Continue reading]

5 Trends to Watch in Big Data Analytics

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Big data and analytics is a fast evolving field. New technologies are emerging at a rapid pace. In fact, if enterprises and businesses do not keep tab on the latest technological developments, they may risk being left behind. So, as the world tries … [Continue reading]

Everything you should know about Big Data Analytics Tools

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Big data analytics are a means through which organizations can improve their operational efficiency and obtain competitive advantages over their business rivals. Big data analytics tools can play a big role in it. There are various kinds of analytics … [Continue reading]

BPO company profile: QX Ltd

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Founded in 2003, they give businesses across the UK, US, Australia and India access to the skills, knowledge and support they need to compete in an increasingly competitive business environment. With over 500 employees, QX uses the latest … [Continue reading]

5 Big Data Questions That Recruiters Must Ask

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Big Data is having a significant impact on various aspects of business. With the advent of Big Data, several changes can be witnessed in marketing, customer support, sales, etc. One area where Big Data has much potential to bring in changes is … [Continue reading]

5 Critical Big Data Migration Mistakes to Avoid

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The task of transferring or relocating Big Data between computer systems or storage formats is a critical one for most organizations. The complexity of the task increases as it involves both structured and unstructured data. The failure of a Big … [Continue reading]

5 Challenges Encircling Big Data

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Big Data is fast emerging as a major component of the information management and analytics infrastructure of many enterprises and companies across the world. As more and more organizations adopt Big Data in their fold of necessary business tools and … [Continue reading]

5 Most Successful Big Data Companies in India

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Big Data analytics is emerging as a crucial business tool for organizations and enterprises. A large number of organizations and companies from various parts of the globe are applying data analytics tools to enhance their business value. Some of … [Continue reading]

What to Look for in a Workflow Management Software for the Legal Profession


It is no secret that the legal profession is among the most demanding career sectors. In 2012, an article by the Global Legal Post featured a survey conducted by HR agency Randstad that showed 80% of legal professionals claimed they do the job of, on … [Continue reading]