How to start an outsourcing business in India?

March 12, 2012:  India is one of the favorite destinations for outsourcing business activities for organizations across the globe. India dominates the offshore outsourcing market with more than 55 per cent market share. The outsourcing industry in … [Continue reading]

Managing Outsourcing Risks: How To?

Risk And Reward

Did you know more than 50% companies cut millions of dollars in operational costs with outsourcing? On the other hand, thousands of dollars was spent mitigating risk? Following certain risk management strategy you can cut down on outsourcing risks. … [Continue reading]

Fencing Big Data to Secure its Integrity

Big Data Security. Image source

The now infamous leak of classified NSA documents is attributed to Edward Snowden. The responsibilities assigned to him as a contractor for the NSA included moving especially sensitive documents from a common file sharing section to a more secure … [Continue reading]

Cisco Technology Radar 2014 – Trends that Will Define 2014 and Beyond

2014 trends

Spotting the next innovation, that could benefit customers or challenge the success of existing products, is top-of-mind for every company. Keeping a finger on the pulse of every innovation that could bring such a disruption can be daunting. At … [Continue reading]

Breaking Down the Bubble around Big Data

Batman on Big Data

Big Data has fallen into the category of big words that people throw around without fully comprehending them. While it holds the promise of harnessing the power of large amounts of data, can it really help us better understand the world? Is there a … [Continue reading]

Winds of Change: Big Data and Education

Big data courses from Udacity

A revolution is underway in the United States of America; a movement that threatens to change the very foundation of the education system in the land of the free and home of the brave. At the forefront of this upheaval is the CEO of Udacity, … [Continue reading]