How to Deal with the Big Data Variety Issue

Big Data analytics

Big Data is the latest big thing that is having a major impact on business. Enterprises and organizations are embracing Big Data with the expectations to reap huge benefits. But Big Data is not entirely free from issues. As the market for Big Data … [Continue reading]

An Insight into the Management Levels within the Indian IT-BPM Industry

Levels of Management

The Indian IT-BPM industry is the global nerve centre for IT-BPM services. The world has come to recognize the potential of India in not only being a successful player in this industry, but also its leader. The Indian IT-BPM industry did not … [Continue reading]

5 Things that You Cannot Anticipate Big Data to Accomplish For You

Big Data

Big Data has heralded a new era for business. A vast number of enterprises from around the world have accepted Big Data initiatives with a view to attain fast and impressive results. However, not all enterprises succeed in achieving miraculous … [Continue reading]

How Big Data can be Useful in our Everyday Lives

Big Data Analytics

Big Data is set to impact our everyday lives in a significant manner. Over the last few years Big Data has reached out to various aspects of our lives. The trend and rapid progress of Big Data indicates that it will play a much greater role in our … [Continue reading]

Big Data – Impact, Challenges and Emerging Business Trends

Big Data

Big Data is the new business buzzword. The year 2014 saw Big Data reinforcing its impact on business and scaling new sales figures. Big Data and Analytics have created several opportunities in the business world in the last couple of years and are … [Continue reading]

10 Predictions for Big Data Impact on Business in 2015

Big Data

The Big Data market is on the upsurge. New trends and new opportunities are entering the market and impacting several businesses in a major way. Big publications and various other sources have predicted that Big Data will bring about many changes in … [Continue reading]