Outsourcing Data Entry to Experts Can Increase Your Efficiency

Data Entry. image source Ritesh Sanghani

Many individuals who work in the corporate environment are workaholics. In specific occurrences, that is how they made it that far up the professional bureaucracy in the first place. For their “acknowledgment” and diligent work, they were remunerated … [Continue reading]

4 Awesome Opportunities Mid-Size Companies Missing Out by Overlooking Cloud Accounting

Old school accounting software is already in the archive basement for most government agencies and major organizations that are now relying on the cloud to manage their financial data. Old school Vs new technology Despite the Cloud being as … [Continue reading]

A Countdown of 5 Facets of Real Estate and the Big Data Evolution

Big Data in Real Estate

Real estate quickly turned into a gamble for the quick when the economy fell. Now that the economy has recovered, however real estate is not much more than just a gamble. The transactions in real estate are in the midst of a revolution, the big … [Continue reading]

A Big Data Analytics Study You Should Never Miss

Big data analytics. Image source - refugeek.com

Big data analytics has reached new heights across the globe, with Asia domineering the growth market. Not to be left behind, the analytics firms based in India have been leaving their indelible marks on the global stage. The Analytics India … [Continue reading]

Blending the Worlds of BPM and Social Media

EDP Renewables

The worlds of social media and business process management or BPM are strange partners. EDP Renewables, a renewable energy firm however, made the strange work quite well together. The world of social networking platforms with players like Jive and … [Continue reading]

BPO Company Profile: Invensis

invensis BPO

Invensis is a leading Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company that provides efficient back office support services to Fortune 500 companies and small- and medium-sized organizations around the world. It adds value to clients’ businesses by … [Continue reading]