Avoid These 3 Common Blunders to Get Exemplary Results from Transcription Services

transcription blunders

Ever wondered how some of the greatest speeches have managed to survive the wear and tear of time? – Because they were transcribed; each spoken word was keenly noted down on paper and this is how it manages to breath forever. Yes, you are right the … [Continue reading]

5 Most Innovative Big Data Companies Globally

The Weather Channel

Big Data is definitely making inroads into all aspects of business. Enterprises all over the world have already realised its potential and are taking steps to incorporate it for improving their business. However, there are some companies who have … [Continue reading]

5 Promising Big Data Companies in India


India is fast turning into a big name in the world of data analytics. There are several companies that are making a mark in the field of Big Data. These companies are transforming the way in which businesses perform. Let us have a look at 5 promising … [Continue reading]

3 Steps to Collect and Process Impeccable Data

Collect & Process Data

Businesses across the world are going through a transition phase – And this transition has resulted into a tsunami of information that comes pouring in almost every other day. It is important that these unrefined data is processed effectively to lay … [Continue reading]

Top 5 Big Data Analytics Companies in the World

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Big Data analytics is in its nascent stage. However, a large number of companies around the world have started to explore this segment seriously. As such, the competition is on the rise among these early starters. Apart from that, several new … [Continue reading]

Top 5 Big Data Analytics Companies in the USA

Treasure Data

USA has a large number of data analytics companies that have been immensely successful in their Big Data approach. These companies can be identified as both large and small companies that have achieved success in their approach due to analysis of … [Continue reading]