5 Principles for Business Technology Governance: Forrester

According to Alexander Peters, the principal analyst at Forrester Research (a global research and advisory firm), good IT governance can also be referred to as proper business technology (BT) governance. Business usually considers BT governance as an option for the management of technology, by which they can handle and optimize their business processes efficiently.

In earlier days, the governance process in an organization was restricted mainly to IT department, as they were the main technology supplier to the firm. But this traditional approach has got outdated with the emergence of new technologies like cloud computing, and business process management.

Today organizations are concentrating on business focused IT architectures for mature IT governance and management processes. In order to implement this, Forrester has come out with 5 strategic guidelines and practices for turning existing IT governance practices into BT governance.  All these guidelines are developed after interviewing 25 governance and technology experts and evaluating 17 case studies.

Acceptance as a major business strategy

In this hi-tech era, companies are increasingly concentrating on mobile technologies, cloud computing, BPM, and social marketing as tools for attaining competitive advantage and business process optimization. But this adoption should not be IT driven in all cases. Senior personals can implement the idea by including BT governance as a main component in strategic decision-making process.

Alignment with cross functions

Ability to deal with cross functional processes is yet another factor that decides the efficiency of BT governance. More clearly, usage of disjointed processes for technology decisions from the level of stake holders to supply chain will not help in the maximization of technology investment outputs. So BT governance must be cross functional in nature.

Integration with business goals

Utilizing technological resources in line with business goals is one of the main functionalities of business technology governance. Therefore BT governance must be integrated from the top level of the organization and must be clearly communicated across the organization. Also the authority must possess the ability to maintain and improve this integrated framework over time.

Proper Training to the Staff

Responsibility to plan BT governance and go for its technology investments is up to the top officials of the organization. But the use of this technology requires the active participation of stakeholders at all levels of the organization. So active training on the technological updates must be provided to employees at all levels, since top officials cannot solely bring about business success.

IT Governance from top down

BT governance depends on various factors like decision-support processes, organization policies, employee skills, budgets and relationships. All these factors need to be maintained while implementing IT governance, from the top level itself.

Investing much in emerging technologies can definitely engage customers and can contribute to business growth. Such firms which invest much on emerging technologies should have the need for increased BT governance. This is a process of trial and error. But proper BT governance can certainly bring business success at a faster rate.

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