A right way to motivate an employee is to win his heart


The toughest job for an HR manager today in the BPO industry is managing the employees well and retaining them. Companies tend to follow many tactics for employee retention but this often ends in failure when not implemented well. BPOs and other companies should be keen on adopting newer ways to motivate an employee to get the best out of him.

Innovative methods of motivation will encourage the employees significantly and also benefit the organization.

Motivation- understanding the term

Before implementing motivation as a technique to retain the employees, it is essential to grasp the true essence of the term. Motivation is the driving force of life and is intangible. Motivation can help one reach great heights in a person’s career and personal life. But there will be times in life where motivation is lost but can be regained with some effort.

The concept of Employee Motivation

Motivating the employees is important for the benefit of the organization. A motivated employee is an organization’s asset as he/she will put in best efforts at work. There are simple motivation techniques to employee retention.

Give Economic Rewards

The primary motivation for an employee is economic reward. Introducing the scheme of incentives apart from the fixed salary, spot-bonuses etc can motivate the employee to work better to grab rewards. Also, introducing promotions and transfers can reap benefits as this has a psychological impact.

Opportunity to Grow

When an employee finds opportunities of self-growth in his/her organization, he/she will stick to the organization.  This is also a motivation factor. Organizations which follow the win-win strategy have been successful in retaining their employees. The work assigned to the employees must be challenging and stimulating. The employee must also have some freedom of thought on the work, to plan it in a better way. Giving an employee the opportunity to decide on his/her work or considering their suggestions can serve as the motivating factor.

Positive Feedback

Positive feedback from the Managers/higher authorities will keep employees motivated. It has a psychological impact and gives a feeling of recognition. It is also important to fix goals for employees and motivate them towards achieving it.  A sincere appreciation after reaching the goals is sure to motivate the employees.

Apart from all these, it is essential that the management gets to know every employee, recognize his/her talents and encourage feedback. It is very important that each employee is valued and rewarded properly. Valuing employees, giving them proper freedom at work, regular pay revisions and appreciations are the ways to motivation. These motivation techniques play a big role in employee retention.

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