Analyzing performance through outbound call centre KPI


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The key performance indicators (KPI) need to be monitored for reducing customer dissatisfaction. The output from outbound call centres can be managed by service level control or SLC. Ensuring the rate of abandoned calls is important.  Each call centre should abide by basic performance indicators like customer satisfaction, time saved and quality. The experts in the field suggest that dialer efficiency and effectiveness should be maintained with respect to outbound call centre KPI.

Frequently unanswered calls due to increased volume of calls will result in frustrating the customer. Evaluating the efficiency of key performance indicators with frequent intervals is a primary requirement for outbound call centres. Usually poor voice quality and repeated questions lead to calls being abandoned.  Maintaining the agent and dialer efficiency with certain metrics will be effective. Previously a company’s consideration was in measuring the time spent by each agent on calls. Sophisticated systems will allow the easy measurement of operations.

Unlike other call centres, outbound call centres need to consider the rates of errors and rework done during service rendering. Right party contacts cannot be neglected; if sales decrease the focus should be diverted to effectiveness. An efficient outbound call centre KPI can be maintained by considering solutions to accelerate right party contacts. It can be achieved only by identifying the possibilities of outcome from each call.

The outbound call center KPI identifies improvement in services like prospective customer calls, up selling calls, cross selling calls, collection of debts, market research and many more. Some outbound companies in telemarketing include Ant Telemarketing, 2 Touch, Conduit, HCL, LBM, Response, and SITEL. Achieving the outbound call centre KPI requires a wide range of actions, which lead to the improvement in the quality of services.

Dialer efficiency in outbound call centre KPI

The efficiency of outbound call centres can be increased by the strict evaluation of key performance indicators. Automated machines will help in eliminating some basic problems arising in the organization, but others need to be erased with strict controlling measures. Certain metrics of campaign comparison can maintain the dialer efficiency. The type of outbound contacts does not have significance, but the outcome is relevant. Environment payment channels related to right party contacts will indicate the payment urgency.

A review should be done on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to flag up areas that need change. The loyalty of outbound calls and promises made to clients should not be challenged. Furthermore, continuous research and discussions are needed for increasing the performance with regard to outbound call centre KPI.

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