Ancillary Retention Strategies in BPO

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The BPO industry is one which is seeing an increase in attrition rates over the past few years. There are a number of people quitting BPO jobs seeking better prospects because of various discouraging experiences in the industry.  This sector now focuses more on employee retention strategies to reduce attrition rates.

Factors determining the retention of an employee

Quality Supervision

Most of the employees fall out with their supervisors or managers well before they leave jobs or companies.  It is the duty and responsibility of a supervisor to prevent an employee from feeling under-valued.

A supervisor has a critical role to play in the retention of employees.  Several problems which arise are due to lack of clarity of performance, lack of proper feedback, lack of proper recognition, failure to understand the strength of the employees etc.

The employee must also be given the freedom to speak his mind which is one of the key retention strategies. The ideas of the employees must be considered, criticized and analyzed to achieve better growth in an organization.

Skill utilization and equitable treatment

Utilizing the skill and talent of the employees is a major factor in the growth of an organization and this is something every employee seeks in a workplace.  It is important to understand the strengths of each employee and utilize them to get work done in a better way.

Another major reason for attrition in BPOs is inequitable treatment.  It is not fair to treat employees unequally.  Providing a better salary with several increments for a newly joined employee would cause bitterness among other employees.

It is also important to recognize the work of every employee and not recognizing only the employees who are in the better books of the supervisors.

Acknowledge the contribution of every employee

One common problem that is heard is that the senior officials do not even know the existence of certain employees in the organization leave alone their contribution to work.

The President in a small company or Division Manager in a large company must be aware of the employees working in the organization and the role they play.  It is a must that these Presidents or Managers take time out to meet up with new employees and know their skill, abilities and talents.

It is also important that the employees experience a career growth in an organization. This is one way to reduce attrition.

Stop Threatening about income or job

It is very important not to threaten an employee’s job or income. It is a fact that there may be loss or lay offs if the deadlines are not met but it is not wise to threaten an employee about his job or income. This will only make the employees nervous and cause them to think about pursuing other job prospects.

Retention strategies in BPO go a long way to reduce attrition and make people stick to their present jobs with satisfaction.

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