Better document management leads to business agility

Ricoh Company, Ltd and IDC published a study highlighting the fact that improved document management services can help production and sales firms to explore new business opportunities. They also announced that better document processes can enhance organizational collaboration, speed to market, customer satisfaction, competitor advantage, and adaptation to changing market trends.

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Ricoh Company, Ltd is a Japan based company involved in the production of various electronic products and supporting services. Since its commencement in 1936, the company acted as a pioneer in developing industrial products and in offering services like imaging and solutions. Managed Document Services offered by the company, facilitates organizations to have comprehensive strategy for document process improvement. Cost control, change management, strategic infrastructure, information worker productivity, information security and its optimization are the main benefits provided by managed document services.

In Ricoh IDC Study report ‘Organizational Blind Spot: The Role of Document-Driven Business Processes in Driving Top-Line Growth’, the company has underlined the need for improved document and information management. The study was conducted globally through 1,516 document-driven business process owners and information workers. The report also introduces a product of Ricoh i.e. Process Imperative. Process Imperative is an ongoing initiative to encourage new document and information processing paradigms.  It will fund research and provide resources that can merge Ricoh’s document and information process expertise with industry visionaries.

The study reveals the fact that improved management of document processes can get business closer to customers. Ninety-one (91) percentage of document-driven business process owners are of the opinion that, optimization of customer issues will be an effective tool for higher speed to market. Availability of right information at the right time and right place largely affects the success or failure of a new business.

The research also found that better process management can help production and marketing firms to explore new business opportunities. Respondents are of the opinion that fixing customer problems on time enables firms to beat competition and to improve customer satisfaction.

Ricoh Company, Ltd, through its managed document services offers continual process improvement for their global clients. Their services substantiate the statement that ‘Change is difficult, but following best practices and leveraging years of document management experience can make it easier’.

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