Bizagi a strong performer among BPM vendors: Forrester Research

Bizagi - mobile BPM

Bizagi, a Business Process Management (BPM) solution, which is offering its services to various clients for more than 20 years, has been declared a strong performer in an independent research report on various BPM vendors published by Forrester Research Inc.

The research report named Forrester Wave: BPM suites, Q1 2013 announced the strong position of the BPM services company in the industry.

Evaluation Process

The research analyzed BPM vendors based on 59 criteria that are required for the running of huge-scale programs in BPM. 10 BPM vendors were sorted out and announced the best against the criteria.

How is Bizagi the best?

Bizagi outperformed its contenders on the basis of product offering, overall market presence, and various other strategies adopted by the company. The BPM solution has also established a record for integrating time and value to its business process management services.

Bizagi also uses advanced tools and services to fine-tune its business processes and forms for its mobile devices. The independent research reports the unique approach adopted by the company in amalgamating business processes and structured data. The BPM suite is a pioneer and the front runner in the data space.

Combining business processes and data is a solid requirement in business process management today.  The shared structured data model adopted by the company makes it a winner in the industry. The officials of Bizagi are proud of their achievement and say that they have acquired the confidence and ability to deliver valuable services to its customers.

The data solution of Bizagi addresses the issues in the business side of the business process management services. The Forrester report has recognized the true capacity of the company in business process management. The report also acknowledges the go-to-market strategy of the BPM suite and also the product vision which are in par with the demands and needs of the BPM market. All these factors made Bizagi outshine other BPM vendors.

Awards and Recognitions poured out to Bizagi following the Forrester Wave research report. The BPM solution had received two gold awards for its excellence in service named Excellence in BPM and Workflow from the WFMC.

Bizagi offers BPM solutions for faster and better process automation. A powerful BPM suite, the company works towards keeping the businesses buoyant. There are over 50 corporate customers who depend on Bizagi for their business automation processes.

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