BPO Companies in Malaysia transforming the region into a BPO Powerhouse

Malaysia joins the list of the top BPO destinations along with India and China. India and China were the most preferred BPO destinations in the world and the last report by A.T. Kearney Global Services Location Index shows Malaysia in the third spot with the entry of several BPO companies in Malaysia.

Malaysia thus enters the outsourcing market claiming its share of the pie. To boost the growth of BPO sector in the country and take it to new levels, National Information and Communication Technology Association of Malaysia is taking needed measures by pushing for high-level ministry in the Government dedicated solely to the growth and development of BPO sector in the country.
Petronas Towers in Malaysia
Woon Tai Hai, the Chairman, is confident of the country moving up in the value chain. He is also sure about the country soon becoming significant in a knowledge based economy. Malaysia is gaining tremendous attention and is competing to stay in par with the traditional leaders in the BPO sector.

Malaysia is currently witnessing the entry of several multinational players who are setting up their data centers in the country. The integrated efforts of the government and industry groups are paying off and Malaysia is expected to remain in the map of top BPO destinations and grow significantly.

Future of BPO in Malaysia

The number of BPO companies in Malaysia is rising significantly and the revenue fetched by BPO sector in 2012 was RM5 billion. It is also seen that around 54,000 jobs were created during the period. The forecast says that the country will be able to generate 88,000 jobs in the BPO sector and reap revenue of RM 7.1 billion. However, the Malaysian Government is focussed on the vision of creating 200,000 jobs and generates revenue of RM 13 billion by 2020.

Economic downturn has not affected Malaysia and the country continues to grow significantly amidst all hitches. The growth can be traced back to the increasing demand in the international market and also the resources available in the country.

Some of the other countries that have benefitted from the growing demand are Philippines, India, and China. There is no time to relax for BPO companies in Malaysia as more companies are evolving into Business Process Management enterprises which provide a much wider range of services to clients. Also there is a lot of thrust in moving up the value chain by offering more specialized services.

BPO Companies in Malaysia

HCL BPO Malaysia, Hanacom Contact Centre Malaysia, Info-Alchemy Corporation Malaysia, Jaring Malaysia are some of the BPO companies in Malaysia offering a plethora of jobs in the BPO sector and contributing to the growth of the industry.  A number of opportunities are available in Malaysia and the country is clearing its roads for better tomorrow.

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