BPO industry in Australia poised for 20% growth in 2012: IBM-Sauce Report

The companies worldwide are striving hard to achieve growth in some form or the other. They are trying all the tricks in the trade to achieve that. Even in the times of growth or otherwise the companies are trying hard to keep their internal operating costs to the minimum and are looking to outsource their operations so as to improve the delivery of services.

Australia too has a lot of BPO organisations which are offering diverse voice and non voice based services. The BPO services is valued to be USD 6.4 billion per annum in Australia and it is estimated that around 45% to 65% of organisations located there are engaged in delivering some or the other form of BPO services.

According to IBM-Sauce Report, BPO in Australia is poised for growth of 20% in future. In a survey that was conducted by Sauce 71% of the organisations surveyed believed that global expansion will be the main factor driving growth.

This report has come out with some findings which are quite surprising. It was found that customer service functions are not among the top outsourced activities. The functions which were outsourced the most are:

  • Human Resources Outsourcing (15%)
  • Printing/Document Management (18%) &
  • Finance and Accounting (13 %)

Some of the trends that are seen in outsourcing sector in Australia are:-

  • Outsourcing of marketing activities especially CRM is expected to grow by 21%
  • Outsourcing of online marketing activities is expected to grow to 17% from 6%
  • There is a “free agent” revolution happening in Australia because of increased mobility and use of cloud services.
  • It is predicted that there will be increase use of cloud services. 35% of the organisations are now considering cloud services and 15% of the organisations have adopted the same.
  • Organisations in Australia are requesting for different types of non voice based services which will give immense opportunity for service providers.

The outsourcing industry in Australia is expected to grow at a faster pace because the industry has evolved from a pure cost cutting activity to a more of a business strategic guidance activity. The senior business community of Australia is also aware of the advantages of outsourcing and decision makers are also giving a lot of encouragement to this industry.

Australian industry is expected to do well also because of the strengthening of the US dollar and high level of uncertainty in growth of Chinese economy. It has been increasingly observed that the need for voice transactions is falling and the outsourcing service providers will have to offer services to offset this decline in their bread and butter activity. The number of times the Australians withdrew cash from ATM’s in 2010 January was 65.5 million times and 2011 January it was 64.7 million times. We can see that there has been a decrease in the number primarily because the people are now using more of Internet transfers, Mobile phones, cards etc. but not credit cards. This shows that people are now moving away from voice based transactions to non voice based transactions paving the way for more opportunities for BPO companies in Australia.

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