BPO infrastructure setup varies with requirement

The BPO infrastructure setup mainly depends upon the mode of operation that a particular service provider deals with. Uninterrupted communication, security and data protection must be the primary concern. The call centers in the outsourcing sector are generally voice based and an International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC) line should be a requirement. The Predictive Dialer facilitates various functions which include identification of numbers, signals, calls unanswered, disconnected, and more.

The basic BPO infrastructure consists of Information Technology cabling and Electronic Discharge Protection System (EDPS). Storage and communication of data with proper access are essential. Power generators with more capacity ensure uninterrupted power supply.

Technologically advanced VPN for secure and encrypted data transfer is necessary. Other facilities required include Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), and MUX for connecting IPLC, Call Center Management Software, Voice Logger and proper LAN. The BPO infrastructure needs to be flexible enough to cope with changes.

The back office operations carried out in the outsourcing industry like payroll processing do not require the IPLC line. Information technology based setup should render services related to IT network, PABX, IP PBX, Voice over Internet Proxy Direct Call Service (VOIP), and Virtual Private Network (VPN). The basic BPO infrastructure setup covers facilities of Internet, email, video conference, teleconference and other procurements of hardware/software.

Enterprises such as Accrue Convergence Solutions, BPO Consultants India, Fairbanks Consulting Group, Nexus Techno Solutions and Eduquity Career Technologies Pvt Ltd aid BPO companies for the expansion and enhancement of infrastructural setup.

BPO Infrastructure Setup trends

All service providers have to keep up with market technologies. Clean quality outsourcing is possible only with the use of Information technology services. The CCTV, 24*7 security and alarm systems are required at a primary level. Better assistance in operations can be achieved with the use of Dual 2 core nodes, audio cards, transcription software, DSL, FTP data transmission and many more.

Nowadays it is easy to find BPO infrastructure setup with high end international link connectivity, Internet setup, database servers and advanced call distributors. Reliability and security should be targeted which leverages the proper functioning of the outsourcing industry. Infrastructure development can be done with the help of companies capable of providing turnkey solutions to BPOs.

Output quality of voice can be improved with the assistance of voice filtering software, which is now available. BPO infrastructure setup is now easy with the aid of technological consultation firms. In addition, BPO related projects can be availed through B2B portals.

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