BPO Market Report 2013: Trends and Prospects

The trends related to the incorporation of online communities and social media into outsourcing has gained considerable significance in BPO market report 2013. Improving global efficiency and productivity depends on the fundamental strategies of outsourcing enterprises.

According to the studies conducted by Linchpin SEO, customers of financial sectors prefer interacting with their service providers on Sundays. Hence every competitive BPO in 2013 is likely to deliver customer services 24×7 with the help of the most popular social media networking platforms. The chrome book will emerge as an effective platform for outsourcing processes. The progress and development of the BPO sector is made possible with standardized technology.
BPO looking up
The BPO market report 2013 states that the private application stores of IT departments will be opened to clients in order to ensure smooth delivery of services. At present, the BPO sector relies on the services of social media. Customers are also foreseeing the transformational benefits that have emerged from the efforts of service providers.

Some reports even forecast 5% to 7 % growth rate for BPOs by the year 2017. Geographical specifications will be covered more closely by organizations in the coming years, which makes Mexico an attractive outsourcing destination.

The need for uninterrupted service delivery is very strong, and hence 2013 will witness the protest against low-quality back-up services. The BPO market report 2013 shows that outsourcing innovators are behind standardized technology and the Internet of Things.

The IDC reports have pointed out untapped information from the digital world, which can be utilized by big data analytics. The irrelevance of offshoring will be tracked in the year 2013, which will lead to the formulation of new strategies by taking into account all available models of business process outsourcing.

The global BPO market report 2013

The BPO market report 2013 reveals that many traditional concepts related to outsourcing processes will diminish from the mainstream and new trends will include the movement towards domestic sourcing.

The development of standardized technology will improve the quality of services delivered. The emerging trend is that Tablets and Smartphones act as channels for communication among organizations, clients and workers.  New ventures in the BPO industry provide numerous employment opportunities to IT professionals.

Governmental policies and regulations are expected to accelerate outsourcing activities across the globe. The changing market trends create more and more challenges to global BPO sectors. A clear focus should be given to standardized technology and social media networks.

The BPO market report 2013 has even forecast possible competitive landscapes that will, in all probability, command outsourcing markets. The outsourcing market size will be around $304 Billion according to the BPO market report 2013. The opportunities will be amplified by 2017 with an annual growth of 8%.

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