BPO Revenue Opportunities are Growing at a Constant Pace

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The BPO industry has turned out to be a stronghold driven by infrastructure management services and subsequent growth volumes. The revenue growth is targeted by going global and making investments on the basis of logical reasoning. The emerging trend of vertical services like retail, health care, shipping and logistics will be fueling BPO revenue opportunities. Moreover scaling of resources and arbitrament still remain cutting edge factors.

The global buyers will not compromise the quality of services and cost management in the coming years, as more issues have been arising in this regard. Infrastructure management services (IMS) are continuously contributing to the higher performance level of business process outsourcing industries. The IMS revenue growth of TCS, Wipro, HCL Technologies and Infosys are clear examples for that. Less infiltration in other service lines and greater focus on IMS will increase BPO revenue opportunities.

In the following years, players in Information Technology may get more benefits from BPO, as the demand for traditional outsourcing has decreased considerably.  According to the reports of National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) the revenue aggregation of the Indian BPO sector based on Information Technology is estimated to grow above $ 100 billion. All vertical services are attached by the BPO industries as a source for generating revenue in the future.

The outsourcing industries should stay vibrant among the economic traffic blocks, in order to sustain the emerging global trends.  The Indian outsourcing sector has wisely transformed from BPO to BPM and maintained the leadership position around the globe.

Changing trends in BPO revenue opportunities

The future trends will be mainly based on banking sector services, telecommunication and other vertical services. The capability will be revealed from delivering business centric solutions. With the increase in BPO revenue opportunities the employees can also hope for wage hikes. According to industry analysts, onsite employees can expect 2% to 3 % increase and offshore employees can expect 6 to 8% increase in their wages, which apparently does not seem to be an optimistic approach.

According to Gartner, the BPO industry of Asia/Pacific will reach 9.5 billion USD in the year 2016. The unexploited areas that are still neglected with ease have the potential to bring in more BPO revenue opportunities. Vertical services should also be looked at, for developing transformational outsourcing strategies.

With this, an array of service offerings and opportunities by utilizing a cost effective model will be possible. Apart from all these factors, continuous experimentation is required for the delivery of increased performance, which leaves a positive impact on clients.

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