Call Center Employee Related Queries

Call centers and BPO are operations with intensive focus on employees. The long work hours, irregular shifts, high work targets etc. can bog down an employee. If the employee related queries are not assessed and solved, the turnover rate of the call center will continue to be high.

The issues of call center employees might lead to a lot of health-related and social problems. Addressing the queries is not so easy. But companies have to invest time and resources to take care of these issues to maintain a balanced work force and a healthy morale.

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Major reasons for staff turnover in Call Centers

There are several employee related queries arising in a call center atmosphere. These queries would ultimately result in staff turnover. Some of the noticeable issues are as follows:

  1. Repetition and boredom: The work nature in call centers is so repetitive. This burns out or makes the employees utterly bored with work that they leave the industry sooner or later.
  2. Physical confinement: Being tied-down to their desks most of their time will not impart a healthy feel to the work environment.
  3. Handling problems and complaints throughout: The call center jobs most often entail handling of the customers’ issues. This can prove to be demoralizing factor.
  4. Odd work hours: The work hours in international call centers are odd, bungling the biological clocks of the employees. This also affects the social life of call center employees.
  5. Pay: Employees become increasingly frustrated if the salary paid does not meet the market standards. They will always be looking towards a better paid job.
  6. Better opportunities: If adequate opportunities for growth are not made available to the employees, they will quit in order to seek greener pastures. There are many opportunities available for capable people.
  7. Ineffective training: Call centers sometimes fail to give employees the necessary training that will equip them to stay with the job.
  8. Health problems: Eye problems, digestive disorders, voice problems, burnout stress syndrome and other musculoskeletal disorders are common ailments seen in call center employees.

A couple of other queries that come up in a call center environment are requirement of a high pace of effort, sense of powerlessness of the employees, over-regimentation, feeling of being disapproved etc.

How to address employee related queries?

All the factors mentioned above, however trivial, can lead to staff turnover. Therefore, addressing them in a timely manner becomes a priority for the companies.

  • Paying adequate salary goes a long way in retaining employees, even if the salary is only marginally higher than other companies of the same stature.
  • Carve a career path for the employees by broadening employee training to widen their skills and capabilities.
  • Involve them in the important processes of the call center such as forecasting, quality improvement, establishing schedules and collaborating with other departments and teams so as to impart a sense of importance to them.
  • Health assessment of the employees should be done regularly and their welfare assured.

Most often, the issues put forward by call center employees are manageable, if dealt with at the right time. If the problems are left to stagnate, it can result in the entire call center being submerged in low morale. Judicious addressing of employee related queries can pave way for a healthy workforce in call centers.

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