Challenges faced by HR professionals in BPO industry

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There are several challenges for HR professionals in BPO industry with the requirements undergoing changes on an hourly basis. However, there are some parameters such as certifications from NASSCOM that will help them efficiently function in the BPO work environment.

In order to address the challenges in BPO, HR policies should focus on brand building of the company with emphasis on human relations and emotional bonding.

Challenges in BPO industry

Some of the challenges for HR professionals in BPO industry are listed below.

Managing huge number of people in minimal amount of time

This is a major difficulty faced by HR professionals. With a huge workforce in hand, the HR professionals have to be extremely keen and skilled in managing all the employees.

Brand Equity

Brand building should be an integral part of all the functions performed by a HR professional. The old concept of BPO being low-brow has to be eliminated by providing skills and expertise to the employees along with providing them a good work environment. Then employees, when they leave the company, will be the brand ambassadors of the company.

Pre-job training

Many a time, the required training is not imparted prior to allocating the work to the newly inducted employees. This can cause considerable waste of talent, time and resources.

Lack of benchmarks

No standard benchmarks are in existence that will determine the compensation, HR policies or benefits. It varies from company to company.

Reducing levels of talent in middle-level management

This causes consternation for the HR professionals. It results in a poor selection ratio of the employees.

Challenges in retention, attrition and exit management: Management in these areas is relatively weak and HR professionals have to ensure that these are efficiently managed in order to build brand image.

Customer companies’ expectations exceed limits when outsource

When client companies outsource their functions to their partners they set their expectations very high. The demand for information security, quality, timeliness, disaster recovery etc. is very high.

This is much more than what the clients expect from their own internal departments. Such unrealistic standards can prove to be detrimental rather than helpful. HR professionals have deal with this scenario very often.

Lack of certifications and focused training

Lack of any clear certifications as well as training poses challenges for HR professionals in recruitment and compensation. There is a certification by NASSCOM which helps them better deal with the situation. The training should focus more on soft skills and expertise in a lot of other areas.

HR professionals can overcome all these challenges in BPO to a major extent by redefining their conventional methods of work. Their functioning should be to provide a human touch by focusing on human relations.

Even though the demanding work environment of the BPO industry can be daunting, finding new and effective methods to deal with the challenges can help HR professionals to a great extent.

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