Cloud computing to have an impact on IT and BPO in India: NASSCOM Study 2011

September 24, 2011: Indian IT and BPO sector will see more cloud computing business possibilities in the near future. The trend for cloud computing is slowly picking the speed and global companies are in the race to tap the benefits of exclusively depending on the cloud computing says, NASSCOM.

Study conducted by NASSCOM on cloud computing and its possibilities concluded that there is an expected hype of business opportunities in the cloud computing which may come around 680 billion US dollar by 2020 year end globally. Where as India will also witness an uptrend up to 16 billion UD dollars. It was in the infrastructure Management Services Summit that NASSCOM made the official announcement of the study and details regarding the findings.   

According to the survey Indian Information Technology and Business Process Outsourcing (IT-BPO) industry will be offering new platforms for the global players through cloud computing, as cloud computing services are in demand and the possibilities for business are also very high. Today almost every company has learned the advantages of depending on cloud computing. To attain a strong infrastructure and to make on organization internally strong cloud computing can play an essential role.  Companies are in search of service providers or vendors who can deliver cloud computing services. Moreover the global companies which depend on offshore service providers for infrastructure management is expected to switch to the services of cloud computing services outsourcing companies.

Study also suggest that Indian BPO and IT companies have to work on tapping the opportunities in cloud computing as the demand for cloud computing outsourcing will be increased in the coming years. The Information Technology service providers can concentrate on developing applications to leverage cloud computing and related tasks as there is scope for such applications to flourish. There is an also new market possibility among the SMEs which is estimated to reach a total of 3 to 4 million in the coming five years. Therefore it can be undoubtedly stated that the IT and BPO service providers will get immense opportunities in the overseas market as well as in the domestic. It is also possible that the outsourcing firms themselves apply cloud computing in own business, this has two benefits; one is that companies will have a smooth internal flow of work and moreover the company will gain more experience in cloud computing.   

The NASSCOM report concluded with a note, which says; the Indian IT and BPO industry will see new business opportunities in cloud computing which could result as a new era of business boom for the industry as such.  

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