Data analysis a core component in content marketing

Data analysis is the heart of content marketing and the driving force behind achieving returns on investment. Which avenues deliver the greatest returns on investment for a business, whether it includes media distribution channels or editorial calendars, is something a business ought to determine for itself.

A recent evaluation on how worldwide corporations plan to invest in data analytics this year revealed that 68% of businesses will boost spending on data-related content while 3% will decrease investments in the process.

This study was undertaken by Yesmail Interactive and Infogroup targeting services that are frontrunners in powering data-driven results.

Big Data

Big Data. Source

Insights to Content Marketers

A lucrative way of maximizing returns on investment is to obtain insights from promotional ventures. This will widen the scope of where one might want to cut tactics that demonstrate infectivity.

While Business owners who apply online marketing campaigns in practice might give emphasis to the media and delivery channels, in the long run, back-end technology is just as important to spell success.

The report went on to elucidate (as of October 2012), around half the  survey respondents credited website analytics being the most helpful store of customer data, this was followed by email clicks and opens (19 percent) and social media (12 percent).

Yet another comparative study by a business services leader in integrated mail and document management systems, Pitney Bowes.  The company evaluated the data types that suggest innovative opportunities for marketers.

They underlined the fact that social media content analytics provided the greatest insights to marketers, while 19 percent might influence social insights in the next 1 year, twenty-five percent of respondents anticipate their businesses to put to work social media data in the subsequent years.

In order to market their campaigns for a wider and effective reach, analyzing engagement can be a vital tool for marketers to adapt their campaigns. Regardless of whether one produces SEO content or media for popular social channels.

Additionally what this achieves for the marketer is offer newer and adequate insights about their clientele.  In today’s current content marketing world, data analysis may not be as discussed, nonetheless, both marketers and content writers would do well to centre in on data to make the most of their long term investments.

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