Data center strategies to impact business: Wipro survey

March 12, 2012: Wipro technologies, a major player in the Indian Information Technology and Business Process Outsourcing industry, in cooperation with Outsourcing Center has published the findings of their latest survey on data center optimization. Since the amount of data is exploding, it has become a necessity for the firms to optimize the operation of their data centers. 

The survey has found out the data center strategies has a huge impact on the business. The strategies include Information Technology infrastructure, applications and network. It is observed that 53 per cent of the respondents were of the view that data center strategies have a direct impact on the business of their firms. 15.6 per cent of the respondents said that data center strategies have nothing to do with the business.

Another finding by the survey suggests that more than 41.9 per cent of the respondents operate more than 3, 4 or 5 data centers. About 12.9 per cent of them said that they work from twenty data centers or even more. 56.2 per cent of the respondents said that they own less than fifty per cent of the data centers.

In the case of 71.9 per cent of the respondents, they were not aware of the detailed cost break up of each data centers. And in most of the cases, the respondents are not aware of all the costs that are associated with a data center.

In the case of alternative models for data center management, 46.9 per cent of the respondents said that they have not yet adopted data center models. Majority of the respondents said that the adoption of alternate models in prevented by the absence of measurable Return on Investment.  As the firms are not aware of the cost of alternative models, they are not in a position to determine whether they will be benefitted from alternative models.

The survey report suggests that the innovative approaches towards data centers will help firms to achieve huge benefits. With the help of standardization, virtualization and automation firms will be able to change their data centers into lean and efficient centers. Such a transformation will help the organizations to grow, reduce risk, improve flexibility and agility and finally achieve huge cost reduction.

The respondents consisted of Chief Information Officers and heads of Information Technology department from fortune 1000 organizations from Europe, United States and APAC. The participants were from a range of industries including retail, transportation, telecommunications, etc.

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