High Revenue in the Indian BPO sector in 2010-2011: Dataquest Industry Report

August 22, 2011: Financial year 2010-2011 is supposed to be a brilliant year for top BPO’s in the nation with total revenue of Rs. 32,246 crore.

Indian IT industry journal Dataquest listed top Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firms with Genpact at the leading position which produced revenue of Rs. 5680 crore revenue. Genpact is a global leader in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) which delivers full suite of BPO services to meet clients’ business requirements.

Genpact has grown 24 percentage more form the previous years and clocked revenue of Rs. 5680 crore to secure the first position among top 20 BPO firms.

The detailed report on this was published by Indian IT industry journal Dataquest. DQ is referred as the most significant publication for the Indian Information Technology (IT) sector which produces report on the firm’s performance in the IT sector.

According to the officials of Indian IT industry journal Dataquest, Genpact is followed by TCS. The company which delivers high quality service and excellent business solutions has grown 25 % with total revenue of Rs. 3928. Dataquest also reported that the third and forth positions were occupied by Essar group company Aegis and Wipro with revenue of Rs. 2,352 and Rs. 2,249 crore respectively.

The top 10 companies and their revenues respectively are:

Rank Companies Revenue in Rupees
1 Genpact 5,680 crore
2 TCS 3,928 crore
3 Essar group – Aegis 2,352 crore
4 Wipro BPO 2,249 crore
5 Firstsource Solution 1,833 crore
6 WNS Global Solution 1,685 crore
7 Infosys BPO 1,545 crore
8 Aditya Birla Minacs 1,518 crore
9 Accenture India 1,436 crore
10 IBM Global Process Services 1,292 crore

With more domestic companies setting BPO and excellent service provided by the present BPO firms the Business in the Indian IT sector is pushed almost magically to the front. The Indian BPO firms have generated revenue of Rs. 32,246 crore in the current financial year which is a 13 % hike compared from the precious year.

Putting an end to the negative trends in HR in IT and BPO sector, there is also rise in recruitment of employees in these companies which is calculated to be 3, 11,167 as a whole.

The BPO boom in the nation will portray the offshore outsourcing excellence of firms in India. This is a positive sigh for the sector as a whole which will result more foreign direct investors to invest more in the Indian BPO and IT sector.

In this extraordinary evolution of the BPO and IT sector the BPO firms has played vital role in attracting more foreign companies and provide employment to huge graduates in the nation. The top 20 firms in the list is an inspiration for the new domestic players setting BPO across the nation.

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