Employees’ personal issues in BPO industry

The BPO industry has been both a boon and bane to outsourced countries. The bane would be the employees’ personal issues in BPO industry. For addressing this, HR professionals need to understand them first and bring in mechanisms to help their employees cope better for optimum productivity.

Misuse of freedom and indiscipline

The trend set by most call centers comprise of a professional working environment wherein employees can avail free conveyance and food during working hours.  Such facilities are provided by companies to maintain a positive image and thus attract more talented workforce.  However, it is not unusual to find some employees taking advantage of the facilities provided and misusing their freedom.

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They sometimes exhibit indiscipline in vehicles, abuse the company’s resources like telephone, stationery or internet.  Supervisors need to curb these and can involve counselors for issues of a deeper nature.  They need to inculcate a sense of responsibility among these executives to enable them to perform better.

Consideration of Others

Many of the call center employees are freshers just out of college who take pride in their ‘don’t care’ attitude.  This reflects on their productivity, behavior and conduct within the team. They may think nothing about talking for hours on the phone, teasing their colleagues or engaging in futile quarrels.

But continuous undermining of authority by a few undisciplined staff creates unrest among the others and thus brings down the overall output.  The HR staff and professional counselors need to identify such trouble-makers and help them focus on their jobs better.

Personal Vices

The call center industry has been very generous to the young employees in terms of salaries given.  With more dispensable income, these youth tend to become experimental and indulge in activities that turn out to be addictive.  Peer pressure and lack of personal discipline causes the younger workforce to form habits that they would regret later.  Workshops, group sessions and films are some of the ways these vices can be nipped in the bud.

Friendships and personal relationships

Spending more than 10 hours with certain people and sometimes working from dawn to dusk gives ample opportunity for friendships to develop.  Employees contribute more when they are amidst friendly surroundings and the reverse is also true.

Every once in a while these friendships blossom to more than just platonic relationships and lead to marriage.  However, with the stressful lifestyle of today, these relationships are affected adversely and the damage caused reflects on their output.  Hence professional counseling services can go a long way to support the employees emotionally.

Irregular employees

Many employees play truant in calls centers due to various reasons such as pursuing higher education, part-time jobs and also simply laziness! In order to make ends meet, employees may be forced to take on other jobs which adversely affect their health.

On the other hand, the lazy ones need to be counseled on the importance of meeting their targets and contributing to the organizational goals.

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