E-learning: The rising star in the Indian publishing outsourcing sector

Pune, India; 30th November 2007

Scientific, Technical and Medical (STM) publishing and print media have marked the origins of the Indian publishing outsourcing, which is witnessing emergence of new niches and entry of more offshore vendors. The increasing Internet penetration and introduction of digital media has led to the emergence of E-learning, which has changed the way the world approaches education and learning. E-learning formats like E-books, CDs, Web media, blended learning, and teaching aids have introduced new opportunities for offshore vendors in the creative content space.

E-learning is the fastest growing segment within the global education market. As per ValueNotes estimates the current E-learning global market size is over $20 billion, which has grown ten fold since 1999.

Offshoring of E-learning services helps global publishers to test new learning concepts and launch new products at a lower cost, with the potential to enhance future revenue streams. This is creating a tremendous potential for offshore vendors. There are just over 50 vendors in the Indian E-learning space, but not many have the requisite capabilities to serve global publishers. Some large and mid-sized software companies and a few niche vendors like Aptara, Q2A, Hurix, Cybermedia have caught the trend early. They have built capabilities and some scale in this business. Apart from educational publishing, they offer services to trade titles/general children’s books and the corporate segment.

The established publishing offshoring vendors in India are facing competition from the focused E-learning vendors who are eyeing the growing demand from the publishers’ market. However, the former are better positioned to leverage the strength due to their long relationships with publishers. The opportunities in educational publishing are yet to be explored in a big way by Indian vendors.

ValueNotes has been tracking the publishing outsourcing space closely. This bimonthly update to the ValueNotes report “Offshoring in the Publishing Vertical” is intended to keep readers abreast with the happenings in publishing outsourcing. It aims to provide fresh vendor information and insights on the various trends in this space.

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