Employees in India walk away with highest salary in BPO

The BPO sector is a booming business in the Indian business scenario. It offers a host of opportunities to work aspirants. Compared to other sectors in India, it pays rich dividends to be an employee in the outsourcing industry. Across all domains of employment, workers are estimated to take home the highest salary in BPO companies.

A study carried out by Kelly Services, a provider of workforce solutions, has reported that the salaries paid out in the BPO industry in India continue to grow at a constant rate. Although the industry has been witness to a high rate of attrition, retention strategies were set in place that had resulted in fewer people in this sector quitting their jobs.
High BPO Salaries in India
In India, BPO companies offer a good pay package. Employees are provided staring salaries that are greater than those available in the public sector as well as other industries in the private sector. This is in addition to the regular raises that are given in following years. On average, a person takes home the highest salary in BPO companies.

In spite of the decline in opportunities for fresh candidates, witnessed in recent times, an employee working in this sector is paid in the range of Rs.15000 to Rs. 30,000, sometimes more. When compared to traditional professions such as clerks, teachers, armed forces, and government jobs, this is very much higher.

Hence there has been a perception in India that working in a BPO company is the best opportunity for earning a huge pay packet. The highest salary in BPO companies is estimated to be taken home by software and management experts.

Highest salary in BPO based on experience

The BPO industry in India is one of the largest generators of employment in the country. The success of this sector has put the nation on the global business map. Several major companies in the West outsource their jobs to India. As a result, the salaries of employees have seen a hike in recent years.

Experience in the industry is a crucial deciding factor when it comes to the highest salary in BPO companies. For instance, a person with an MBA or a business management degree having 16 years of experience in the field will take home a pay package of   Rs. 30,00,000—Rs. 45,00,000 per annum if she is in charge of overseeing strategies and implementing them.

At the next lower rung of hierarchy, a managerial position will fetch the employee an amount of Rs. 25,00,000—Rs. 35,00,000.

As the BPO sector continues to progress at a rapid rate, the pay packets of its employees also continue to grow. This is likely to attract more professionals to this sector which in turn will result in higher standards being set in this industry.

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