Enhancing Performance through Zero Tolerance

Case Study
Motif, Inc. Case Study – Enhancing Performance through Zero Tolerance

Client profile and requirement

The client, a top ten investment bank in the US, offers a range of investor services to its clients. These include share transfer services to over 2500 corporate clients in the US, maintaining approximately 22 million shareholder accounts.

Transaction processing at Motif is a two stage process:

1st Stage: At this level, quality requirement was not defined by the client
2nd Stage: Quality requirement was 98%

Motif has consistently exceeded the quality requirement of 98% defined at the end of the second stage. However, in its continuous pursuit for excellence, the client required Motif to reach 100% quality at the very first stage and thereby reduce the rectification done at the second stage.

Motif’s challenge and solution

The challenge for the team was to gauge the quality score at the end of the first stage as the client had not defined any process to measure it earlier. Motif’s operations managers reengineered the process and defined measurement criteria to achieve zero tolerance at the first stage.

As a part of the process, Motif developed an innovative tool – Quality Monitoring System (QMS) which enabled the team to accurately measure the quality scores at the first stage. The system generates the quality score based on the large sample size of around 75% of the transactions processed at the first level. QMS does root cause analysis to facilitate quick and easy identification of a performance issue across multiple error types, categories and transaction types. The tool enables the team to identify an area of improvement for the team members and helps the Quality Assurance team in preparing a training/coaching plan for them.

As a next step, the operations and quality teams did a careful analysis of the “as-is” process and developed an action plan to identify the dip in quality scores as and when it would occur and take a corrective action immediately. The team’s mandate was “Do it right the first time.” The team managers rigorously started the below activities which ensured timely coaching, feedback, and knowledge transfer to the team members; ultimately yielding superior quality scores:

  • Daily communication with the client SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) to resolve queries
  • Daily feedback to the team members for effective knowledge transfer
  • Weekly refresher sessions through quality assurance workshops on updates
  • Fortnightly quiz sessions on new policies and updates

Delivering 100% quality score is never an easy task especially with high productivity requirements. The program managers and supervisors simultaneously implemented the following operations process to meet the demanding productivity requirements and for effective monitoring, measuring and evaluating performance:

  • Translate the desired result into daily operational metrics
  • Align performance metrics with management processes
  • Use best practices to define metrics and target performance levels
  • Provide consistent performance feedback
  • Provide alerts and warning messages
  • Identify off-performance measures
  • Show comparatives to provide proper context

Client’s benefit

  • Motif is successfully moving towards zero tolerance. This has increased the client’s confidence and has led them to strategically decide to offshore more work to Motif
  • Outsourcing to Motif has benefited the client achieve high productivity and quality standards in its transactions at lower costs
  • Motif has successfully transitioned quality tracking to India, thereby reducing resources for the client
  • The Motif Quality Report provides root cause analysis for quick corrective action

Client testimonial

“Our company has experienced gains in quality and productivity as much as 100% in some areas. Needless to say the benefits have been a significant contribution to the operation I manage from a client service and profitability.”
– MD and COO, Top Ten Investment Bank

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