Changing your first impression to a lasting one


People always say “First impression is the last impression” and this held true for a long time but today this common adage has changed to “First impression is not the last impression but a long-lasting impression”.

The evolving phrase hints that there is definitely scope to change the first impression. Although a mistake made in the first impression is long-lasting and well remembered, there are ways to rectify an unfavorable first impression.

The Term First Impression

Before a research on how first impression could be it is important to know what actually first impression is. First impression depends on various factors like the way one carries oneself, dressing style, behavior, mannerism, communication etc. There are also two types of first impression namely planned and unplanned.

Planned first impression is something which one faces in an interview, business meet or a date. Unplanned first impression is one which is created while walking on the road, while traveling etc. but it is a common fact that unplanned first impressions hardly affect people. No one bothers too much about what a stranger thinks.

Can one change their first impression?

When you meet a person, the person is sure to have framed some opinion about you in his mind. Now, you are what the person perceives. A survey was conducted to know how many people care about what other people think and take measures to change their first impression.

A huge crowd answered they were not bothered about what others think and it is of no concern to them. But there were a pool of people who admitted that they would try to change the first impression by building a relationship with the other person and make him understand their true personality. Still some others said if they understood that they left a wrong notion in the minds of people, they would analyze the factors and work on it.

First impression can prove wrong most of the times and an image must be earned over time by action and not by words. It is true that what others think hardly matter to anyone but taking it in a positive way, people tend to forget who you are or your looks but always remember how you made them feel and the way you treated them. This is certainly very important to have a good first impression.

There is a very little possibility that you will get another chance of changing your first impression and hence it is important to make the best use of a first encounter.

A Second Chance to improve

People hardly get a second chance to change their impression and most of them agreed out of personal experience that more than one opportunity is required to form a proper judgment about someone. It is not always necessary that people become gems after a second personal encounter, but there are genuine cases that deserve a second chance.

A second chance is especially necessary for people who do not reveal themselves much in a first meeting. A quick opinion in these cases will jeopardize the situation. First impression leaves a deep impact in the minds of people and it is difficult to change. When interacting with people, it is better to let them know the motivation of your conversation and when the person give puzzling replies, you can make your assumptions.

It is curiosity which opens the door to better relationships. People may offer second chances but this can only change their opinion and not their memory of first impression. It is hence necessary to go that extra-mile to knock -out an unfavorable first impression.

Making the Best First Impression

A first impression can be initially made by a winning smile. A smile costs nothing and is an easy way to capture hearts. Being yourself, reporting at time, paying enough attention to your acquaintance without meddling with your mobile phone, a positive approach towards things are well enough to create a better first impression. Simple efforts can bring big changes in the minds of people.

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