Generation gap: A crucial factor in the working environment

The latest generation of the workforce in outsourcing companies was born in the period 1980—2000, and they go by the name, the Gen Y employees. It has been alleged that they are not very motivated and are less involved in their work. Some have, in fact, claimed that they are lazier than the previous generations. These differing views have resulted in the formation of a generation gap between these two sides.

However, the new-generation workers have been revealed to approach their tasks in a different manner. They have certainly adopted a distinct set of skills and practices required for the completion of their job.

Several webinars disclose that the working pattern of the Gen Y employees can be emulated to achieve progress in outsourcing activities. This generation has adapted many of the elements inherent in their predecessors. In addition, they have brought with them novel ideas that have been utilized to turn companies in a new direction of growth.

Bridging the generation gap among employees will prove to be a crucial factor that can improve productivity at the workplace. Employees from the previous generation must be willing to welcome the new proposals and innovative suggestions put forth by the Gen Y workers.

JobBuzz, a platform for employee interaction, recently conducted a survey, in which 27% of the employees who took part in this study stated that they would like to have a good motivator as their leader. Most of the new workers would prefer having a boss who understood the way they work and do not impose their decisions on them.

Reaching out to the workforce and gaining new perspectives

The latest generation of employees is ready to take on new challenges and they aim to achieve success at a faster rate. They are less patient than the previous generation in waiting for the desired results. They demand immediate feedback and would like to be appreciated for the hard work they put in towards the growth of an organization. Hence they expect a different kind of leadership at the helm of affairs. A realization of all these aspects helps doing away with the generation gap that is prevalent on the workfloor. 

Furthermore, certain myths exist about the working methodology of the new generation of employees in outsourcing companies. While it is said that they lack work ethics and are not sufficiently focused on their tasks, it has to be understood that the work patterns need to be explained to them in a proper manner.

Besides, they have a great deal to offer in terms of multi-tasking, which can be put to good advantage. They may also have a lot of queries about the system, which should not be misconceived as disrespect against authorities. Dispelling these myths and reaching out to them will help in bridging the generation gap and create an atmosphere of trust in outsourcing companies.

The perspectives gained from Gen Y workers can be utilized towards moving enterprises to a new age of growth and development. The core idea is to bridge the generation gap and unite the whole workforce, which will result in greater productivity, and maneuver companies into new trails of triumph.

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