GII Publishes 3 reports on Contact Centers

Firms are realizing the increasing influence that customers have when interacting with the companies. This huge potential is being tapped by effectively changing the strategies and operations of contact centers. This change is reflected in the improvement of knowledge management tools, moving to cloud infrastructures as well as using advanced IVR analytics.

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Global Information Inc (GII), an information service company partnering more than 300 research companies, has recommended three reports on global market for call centers prepared by DMG Consulting LLC. These reports give an in-depth study into contact center operations providing hard facts, crucial insights as well as recommendations to build practical and efficient strategies.

2012 – 2013 Cloud-Based Contact Center Infrastructure Market Report

Cloud-based infrastructure would make the contact center vendors much more agile and innovative which results in delivering new functionalities quickly.  Some of the observations of the GII report are:

  • The Great Recession did its share of good things by giving companies an impetus to turn to infrastructure in cloud in order to reduce expenditure. The companies soon realized the innumerable benefits cloud had in store.
  • Adoption of cloud-based services by the companies nearly tripled rising from 2.2 percent to 5.8 percent. The number of seats also increased from 268,749 back in 2008 to 871,717 by the end of second quarter of 2012.
  • Cloud-based infrastructure in contact centers would further increase and see a growth of 45%, 40%, 40% and 35% each year, in the years from 2012 to 2015.
  • At the end of 2015, nearly 18.1% of all contact center seats is expected to be in cloud.

The report analyses 133 vendors of which six were subjected to an in-depth study while a high level study was conducted on the others. NewVoiceMedia, Five9, inContact, and Interactive Intelligence are some of the companies studied at an in-depth level.

2012 – 2013 IVR Analytics Product and Market Report

The market for Interactive Voice Response (IVR) has undergone a huge transformation due to the advancement in technology in the recent years. IVR system takes care of roughly between 10% and 90% of incoming calls in a contact center. Even though it saves a lot of time and money, it has been severely under-utilized.

In the 2012 IVR Analytics Product and GII Market Report, all facets of this market are assessed. A comprehensive analysis of three major IVR analytics vendors like Nuance and ClickFox are given in the report. Apart from this, an appendix is also listed containing all the competitors in this market.

2012 Contact Center Performance Management Market Report

Contact center performance management or CCPM is an important tool that is used to gauge all the aspects and performance of a contact center. It also identifies when the department falls short of meeting goals. In spite of its many benefits for all parties, the CCPM’s adoption has been lagging since there is no clarity about the tool’s benefits and contributions. However, an increasing trend in the adoption of CCPM has been observed in 2012.  Some of the observations and predictions in the report are:

  • Number of CCPM seats saw an increase to 1,731,138 seats at the end of April 2012 from 483,949 back in September 2006. This was at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 25.6%.
  • The number of seats is expected to grow even further at rates 12 percent, 14 percent, 15% percent and 12% percent each year, from 2012 to 2015 respectively.
  • A downward pressure is also expected to be felt on the price of each seat with the rise in intense competition among vendors to win over customers.

Referring these 3 reports could be useful to understand and appreciate the future trends in the contact center market.

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