GIS Outsourcing Enables Organizations to Cover Risk Spectrum

Geographically referenced information can be captured, analyzed, managed and displayed with the help of Geographic Information System or (GIS). Data can be visualized and interpreted in several ways using this system. It also reveals various patterns, trends and relationships in the form of maps, charts, reports and globe. GIS outsourcing is a new trend with a vision to focus on organizational goals, and it leads to cost reduction.

Geographic Information System solves problems in a manner that enables the solution to be easily shared and understood by users. All enterprises can easily integrate GIS technology into their IT operations. Government agencies and other organizations are utilizing the technology of GIS for visualizing major risk profiles. GIS as a tool for decision-making can palliate operational threats. Many companies now rely on GIS outsourcing mainly for the purpose of cost reduction.  Companies such as SBL and Arrow N Geospatial deal with providing services related to GIS.
GIS outsourcing
SBL offers the geospatial analytical procedure, which is used in fisheries, agriculture, electrical network, transport and many other industries. Similarly, the company Arrow N Geospatial has expertise in implementing spatial technology solutions.

The adaptation of GIS outsourcing helps in accessing experienced cost-effective consultants. It also leads to cost reduction and resource requirement solutions. GIS technology enabled services can be accessed with any device. The services related to Digital Photogrammetric Mapping can be applied in telecom, gas, electrical power, water and other utilities.

GIS strives to remain a high-end technology, delivering quality services to customers.  The relevance of Geographic Information System in location enabled services still needs to be tapped.

According to Rajesh C. Mathur, the vice chairman of NIIT GIS, a premier GIS service providing company in India, the political leadership in the country has identified the importance of this technology. Apart from that, many states in India are also trying to adapt GIS for remote sensing, irrigation and land records departments. The national level objective can create more opportunities in this area apart from the mere focus on cost reduction.

The GIS related functions like process planning, database planning, design, data maintenance, conversion, application development and customized mapping tools based on the Web can be outsourced.

Requirements of GIS Outsourcing

GIS outsourcing requires the deployment of infrastructure at a higher level. GIS applications can reduce data computation work at a greater speed. The main focus of GIS outsourcing has been always on cost reduction, process improvement, delivery of quality services and standard maintenance. The outsourcing challenges of Geographic Information System are time, distance, and cultural differences. Management practices and its effectiveness should be evaluated before GIS outsourcing is implemented.

Technical oversight and resource capabilities will facilitate proper execution of GIS projects. Availability of adequate software tools for the use of global teams along with document specifications and many others needs to be fulfilled. Furthermore, the success of GIS technology and outsourcing depends on the capability to adapt to changes.

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