Global Services Market Predictions for 2013: Everest Group

Everest Group is a renowned advisory firm that provides insight and strategic analysis for leaders of various global services. The group has helped more than 1000 firms to increase their efficiency substantially by organizing their services. Everest group counsels organizations with tough challenges needed to deliver international services and have laid out their predictions for 2013.

The group now has come out with its predictions for 2013 for the global services market. The research brings out some of the key findings in the market trends that will prevail this year. The study reveals what the year 2013 has in store for global services market and in what way industry-specific expertise will drive service-provider delivery.

Everest Group

Global Services Research insights of Everest Group

A panel of experts addressed various aspects of global services and provided research insights in the following areas:

The research findings of the Everest Group say that cloud services will be adopted in a large way and that it shows a rising trend. The analysts have observed a strong buyer satisfaction which is a key factor for how well the service is being received.

When it comes to IT and BPO sector the expert panel projected a vertical trend this year. Both the sectors are committed for a higher growth rate and would contribute significantly to the economy. The projections also say that analytics will be the most sought service within the stack. It also predicts that demand will drive the traditional geography of BPO services rather than delivery.  Profitable service delivery coupled with provider’s ability to blend technology into the BPO solution would be the key.

The study also reveals that there will be a definite change in the pricing levels. The evolving of new markets and change in objectives of the buyers will leave the organizations looking more to extract values from the sources to improve their efficiency and earn profits.

Review of Markets 2012

The analysts along with their findings for 2013 also reviewed the market performance of the past year.

  •  The review said that the margins of BPO had gone up while there was a modest downtrend in the IT sector.
  • There was an increase in emerging geographies and the trend seems to continue.
  • The rates across BPO are found to vary although things are robust.
  • An enhanced value proportion has been created to increase cloud appeal.

The above views set forth help in understanding how global centers in the field will evolve and what kind of values can be expected by organizations.

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