Importance of career paths for call center employees

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Call centers have taken on a new avatar and have transcended to being one of the most difficult areas to manage in an organization. Managers have to undertake multiple tasks such as operational goals, business goals, fiscal responsibility and most importantly, staffing.

The call center environment can be quite stressful with the activities it requires and the rigid timings. It is for this reason that maintaining contentment among staff is important. It is imperative that career paths of call centers are created for the employees so that they stick with their jobs and at the same time, grow professionally too.

Call centers have evolved from a sector which was seen capable of handling simple back-office processes to handling very complex processes requiring expert skill. This transformation has brought in a huge demand for quality workforce having adaptable, customer focused and quick learning attitude.

There are several factors that a call center needs to address to retain the customer service staff. The call center might have difficulty in attracting workforce, might suffer from performance management issues, would have a large proportion of temporary staff, lack of training programs that would define a career path for the employees etc.

A few steps, if undertaken, can not only ensure a quality workforce, but one that can be retained by creating career paths of call centers.

Creating career paths

Be an attractive employer: It is important to create a positive reputation for the company to attract new employees and retain the old ones. Making the call center atmosphere attractive aesthetically along with providing additional facilities is a huge bonus. The contracts have to ensure that they provide the employees with benefits.

Hire the right people: have a good recruitment system in place in order to ensure that the right people are selected. Clarity in advertising for the job is also required so as to remove any ambiguity in the job profile.

Start the new employees off on the correct track: Giving a proper orientation process and training to the newly hired employees can prove to be extremely helpful. It helps the employees get a comprehensive knowledge about the call center and their roles and thus improve their career graph faster.

Provide incentives for the right criteria: Call centers have to make sure that they evaluate their employees based on performance parameters such as call quality, accuracy as well as schedule adherence. If the incentives are given for number of calls or call length, it can backfire with performance decreasing. Performance-based pay can help deliver better service.

Create job titles, job diversity and impart continuous training: The employees have to be trained continuously to acquire new skills and familiarity with new tools. Their pay can be increased according to the skills acquired by them. Creating new job titles can also pave way for better performance. These measures would ensure job diversity, career growth of the employees, employee-satisfaction and the overall growth of the call centre.

Continuously keeping the call center process and environment dynamic and providing the employees an attractive career path is a must to maintain a good and balanced workforce in the call center.

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