India BPO: The Time-Tested Outsourcing Model

BPO In India

The India BPO industry had recorded phenomenal growth within a short period of time. India is home to 65% of the CMM (Capability Maturity Model) Level 5 enterprises in the world. There are a number of 58 Indian organizations that are present in the list of CMM level 5 companies.

This ancient nation has the distinction of cultivating a large pool of technical and scientific talent that can be counted as one among the world’s largest workforce groups in the outsourcing industry. Hence India is the logical and natural choice for outsourcing.

The possibilities offered by India BPO are endless. A major part of business operations around the globe are outsourced to this country. These include IT enabled services, and transcription, call center, data entry, and engineering services. Industry-specific services have been the latest trend in the India BPO scenario.

The outsourcing services may cover a major part of legal processes, healthcare, web analytics, banking, social BPO, and other financial services. Many Western companies have realized the worth of outsourcing key software development processes to India. This is, in part, owing to competitive prices and high-quality performance of Indian companies.

India BPO sets the stage for global development

The last decade has witnessed admirable performance by the India BPO sector. Together with the progress and the changing scenario, the profiles of employees have also undergone a drastic change over the past few years. A background check will reveal that the outsourcing industry now employs professionals and experts from a diverse range of fields. Starting from accountants, engineers, health specialists and legal experts to Ph.D.s, data scientists, and medical doctors, the spectrum of employees contains people from all leading fields in the global scenario.

The Indian BPO sector has attempted various strategies for the purpose of repositioning its attractiveness to its stakeholders. The outsourcing sector has proposed to carry out this plan by sending out the right messages and conveying the accurate perception to the worldwide business community. An important step in this direction is bursting myths that are prevalent about the India BPO sector.

To this end, NASSCOM, the pioneering organization that sets industry standards in India, has undertaken a study with the absolute support of the Indian BPM industry. This study that was set in motion in January 2013 attempts to evaluate and understand BPM with respect to stakeholders in the media, government recruitment agencies, parents as well as family members, all of whom make up the social ecosystem of the outsourcing sector.

Surveys are also conducted among academia and employee groups for understanding their experiences at work. Industry attractors that drive people to join the sector and the main reasons for attrition are also being researched in this project.

The India BPO industry is a conglomerate of various elements that form a time-tested and complete model. Reinvention at all stages of growth is the key to sustaining this system.

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