Intangible Motivation is Necessary for Job Satisfaction in BPO


The success of an organization can be evaluated from the labor turnover rates. Most of the companies are unaware or not concerned about the benefits that can be obtained from proper reward systems and motivational techniques.  The employees from the BPO sectors are often overburdened with work. Long working hours and night shifts develop mental stress and emotional barriers. A strong approach that encourages intangible motivation from HR departments is necessary for the retention of the workforce.

The implementation of creative motivational factors can bring about visible changes in output. In research studies done by the Wichita State University, Professor Gerald Graham found out that personalized recognition from employers is considered the most motivating factor than money by employees. Planning measures for providing effective intangible motivation is the primary step in achieving better results.

Challenges in jobs are significant but punishment for all failures hinders efforts from the part of the employees. Recognizing the work done by employees is effective for job motivation. Implementation of no-cost methods can be more efficacious in the BPO workplace.

Nowadays, major outsourcing companies have developed incidental models of workforce to eliminate costs arising from employee services. The KellyOCG BPO service provider has focused on one of a kind intangible cost saving services.

Learning opportunities within the organizational environment can be an intangible motivation which fuels the growth of personal goals. Motivational culture along with the development of moral values will strengthen employees to push their skills beyond the limits, thereby encouraging them towards achieving company goals.

Benefits of intangible motivation

The power and possibilities derived from intangible motivation should be channelized for the development of BPO organizations. The majority of the employees look out for challenging work, which tests their potential against pre-determined standards.

Intangible motivation should be provided through innovative measures so that it should directly refresh the mindset of the workforce. If any input from employees is accepted or adapted by the company, it indirectly acts as an incentive, and the organization will be able to maintain loyal human resources.

Some of the Multinational companies like Hewlett-Packard, Walt Disney World and AT&T Universal Card Services promote intangible motivation in their concerns, which is evident from their labor turnover rates. The provision for motivational methods should be an ongoing process.

Job Enhancement and Job Enrichment are easy to implement with which improved employee satisfaction and productivity can be achieved as results. Giving opportunities to employees to try out new strategies at the workplace can create entrepreneurial spirit and a motivated organization. Intangible motivation is the perfect way to heighten the aspirations of BPO employees.

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