Intelligent BPM is the next big thing: Gartner

According to Gartner, Intelligent Business Operations (IBO) can be considered as the next stage in Business Process Management. In the view point of the research firm, organizations often integrate analytics, social and mobile technologies to make their business operations more intelligent and smart.

intelligent business operations

Gartner, Inc is one among the world’s pioneer companies in IT research and related activities. The company research, evaluate and interpret IT business, as per the requirements of the client organizations. Gartner, Inc commenced in the year 1979, headquartered in Stamford, U.S.A, has around 12,000 clients across the world.

Janelle Hill, Vice President and major analyst at Gartner, has come out with the opinion that integrating Intelligent Business Operations (IBO) in BPM can make future business real-time and intelligent. If it happens so, next generation business processes will move in pace with changing market trends and customer dynamics. IBO integration can improve efficiency of business operations as well as lead to cost savings.

The new approach of integrating analytics with transactional work can really enhance business operations in a better way. This helps management and employees to make healthier and faster decisions in the real time context. It is clear that business people can have a positive feedback after integrating real-time analytics with business operations, as it changes the way they do their jobs and hasten their decision making capability.

Intelligent Business Process Management Technology

For intelligent BPM, market is now moving towards intelligent business process management suites (iBPMSs). This new approach in BPM can help process participants to gain a better idea on real-time situation and hence they can tailor their responses according to emerging business scenarios. Intelligent Business Process Management Suites achieve all this by integrating data and process driven analytics to managing the business operations. The actions of a food concession provider at an event can be used to illustrate the operation of iBPMSs. Based on characteristics of audience, he can recommend them to go in for a particular food item at one stand, or he can redirect customers to counters where waiting times are shorter.

Global Business Trends in IBO Growth

Global Business Trends that will contribute to the growth of an IBO approach include:

  • Growing importance of social interaction patterns in value chains.
  • Necessity in improving knowledge workers’ productivity in service firms
  • Need for automated decisions

Though these factors can add fuel to the growth of IBO approach, certain organizations with high BPM maturity are still hesitant to integrate intelligence and analytics. They often refuse to apply these sophisticated technologies in to action.

Anyway, Gartner insists organizations interested in the advancement of BPM maturity and business performance, to consider iBPMS as a suitable gateway. They also quote iBPMSs as the next generation of BPM-enabling technology.


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