IT benchmarks: An effective tool in BPO contract terms

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IT benchmarking is a tactical management method whereby the services and costs of a company are compared with those of other leading players in the market. An accurate benchmark can prove to be a valuable tool in effective management. BPO contract terms regarding IT benchmarks can forecast the future prospects of the company and ensure efficient pricing on a regular basis.

Benchmarking has a prominent role in the development of an organization that is proactive, and provides it with the much needed competitive edge. It arms the organization with the ability to constantly improve its performance. Benchmarking is effective only when it is done in a professional manner, and the quality of the data used to develop the benchmark should be the best.

By way of benchmarks in BPO contract terms, potential profits and markets are identified. The clauses regarding benchmarks allow companies some leeway in negotiating prices on a short- or long-term basis. The experience gained from this process can power industries towards the zone of achievement and success.

Several companies offer IT benchmarking tools that aid in creating sustainable targets. With the technical expertise and experience that come with being professionals in the field, they can generate effective benchmark solutions. VMware and ImprovIT are two major players in this field.


VMware is a company that specializes in virtualization and provides cloud infrastructure solutions to enterprises. The VMware IT Benchmarking tool helps companies gain critical insight into the potential costs that they may run into as well as the areas that need to be improved to garner more business.

VMware takes an automated approach and provides the impetus to identify new opportunities across twenty industries, eighteen discreet towers, and four geographies. IT benchmarking is made available under the VMware IT Business Management Suite and through engagements with VMware and select partners.


This company is a well-known business technology consultancy that conducts metrics-driven analysis and offers peer-benchmarking of costs and performance. Identification of potential savings and improvements is carried out by the use of a rigorous methodology, utilizing the most current database of metrics. This aids in the creation of effective IT benchmarks that can be molded into BPO contract terms.

The mission of ImprovIT is to support enterprises via the Measure-Manage–Monetize continuum platform. The company maneuvers organizations into transformation and improvement. The core aspects of their operation cover rationalization of technology infrastructure, improved process deployment, IT strategy development, optimized procurement costs, and more.

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