Key trends in managing campaigns with Contact Centers: Infinity CCS Report

New survey report reveals main trends in managing customer campaigns by contact centers. Infinity CCS, a leading provider of contact center technology solutions based in U.K, published their new survey report- ‘2012 Contact Center Campaign Survey’  designed  to measure how effective are contact centers in setting up and managing customer campaigns. The online survey, supported by marketing consultancy Gray Associates, was filled in all or part by a total of 62 organizations.

Call Center Campaigns

Call Center Campaigns. Image source

According to the survey report, most prominent projects covered by the participating organizations under the campaign were customer service (63.3%) and telemarketing/sales (36.7%). Other key findings were that about 62% of the respondents go live with their contact center campaigns within 3 weeks and phones still remain the most popular communication channel for both inbound and outbound campaigns.

Excerpts from the survey report:

  1. Phone was the most preferred communication channel for inbound and outbound agent-customer contacts. About 44 projects used phone for inbound contact and 45 projects used it for outbound contacts. This was followed by other communication channels such as email, web contact forms and posts. For inbound contacts, 30 projects used email, 22 projects used web contact forms and 15 of the projects used posts in complement to phone for communication. For outbound contacts, 24 projects used email, 14 projects used web contact forms and 13 projects used post as communication channel apart from phone.
  2. It was seen that 71% of the projects involved less than 50 agents for the campaign. Out of the 71 %, 32.3% of projects involve 1-10 agents, 22.65 involve 11-20 agents and 16.1% involve 21-50 agents for the campaign. Only 3.2% involve 50+ agents, claims the report.
  3. When asked about using softwares to develop and manage campaign it was found that more than 84% of respondents find it easier to launch campaigns with software while 57% find it is quicker to develop campaigns.
  4. It was found that about 85% of the campaigns use scripts by the agents, out of which 45% use formal scripts and 40 % use informal scripts.
  5. It was also found that about 58% of these scripts were designed and edited by contact center managers and supervisors.
  6. Another interesting finding was that IT personnel, in-house software developers and external software developers were involved in the implementation of these scripts. About 63% of the scripts are put on to the IT systems by these IT people.
  7. From the survey it was found that about 43% of respondents use specialist project development software to launch the campaign.
  8. It was found that on-site delivered technology was preferred over cloud technology by the respondents for call recording/quality management apps, ACD/call handling app and performance management app. However, it was found that cloud services were used for Data/speech analytics, call recording/quality management apps and dialer technology by some of the respondents.

The report also revealed that organizations using specialist software were able to retrieve more historical data and compare the performance which shows the value of implementing specialist software to manage campaign by the contact centers.

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