KPO has high growth potential in Mauritius: Companies and Markets Report

October 31, 2011: According to report published by companies and markets, the Mauritian BPO market has demonstrated a substantial growth over the past few years. This has made the Mauritian BPO market attractive to BPO service providers. The highlights of Mauritius as an investment friendly country are the support given by the government, the friendly business environment, and the incentives given in terms of tax.

The report also highlights the fact that the growth trend has been towards the profitable high end knowledge process outsourcing. The Knowledge process outsourcing industry requires employees with expertise in the domain, good analytical skills, and good judgment. The areas of expertise in the Mauritius include Information technology, finance, legal, and customer service due to the high availability of these skills in the market. In addition to this the cost and energy savings as a result of infrastructure in terms of data centers and establishment of green data centers makes Mauritius an attractive data centre hub.

Presently 330 BPO- ICT companies in the Mauritius employ 13,000 professionals and the estimates shows that the industry will require an additional 30,000 professionals during the next 3 years.

A challenge that Mauritius faces is the shortage is the shortage in skilled workers. Even though there are professionals with domain expertise, the small population in Mauritius offers only limited number of professionals. The increase in service providers has resulted in competition for available resources. This shortage is going to impact the growth of KPO market in the Mauritius.  

According to a forecast made by Nelson Hall, the KPO industry is expected to grow by 30 per cent per annum and will b worth USD 4.45 billion by the end of 2012. But since the availability of professionals is low, the market will not grow at the rate as expected.

The report from companies and market suggests that alternate sources should be identified in order to find the professionals with the right kind of skills and competencies to meet the increasing requirements of the KPO industry. Training people in skills and competencies required by the Mauritian KPO industry will help in recruiting graduates once the finish their studies.

The government of Mauritius is so encouraging that it takes just six days to start a business in Mauritius and just three days to obtain an occupation permit. The investors get advice from the board of investment, under the guidance from Minister of finance. They also facilitate the process of setting up business in Mauritius. Investors get advice in terms of location and investments. 

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