Legal Process Outsourcing can cut costs by 52%: GAMI LLC

Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) market has been witnessing steady growth over the past few years. Currently there are several well established LPO service companies in major countries like India, Canada, Philippines, United States, and Israel etc. One of the most important aspects of LPO is the protection of client confidentiality.

LPO firms in India have been able to make a good mark among offshore companies in global markets. They continue to deliver efficient LPO solutions ensuring fully confidential handling of sensitive data.

GAMI LLC  has a substantial track record in the area of Legal Process Outsourcing. They have worked with several high profile clients from different parts of globe. Given below is a case study which throws light on how GAMI LLC handled one of its important clients and helped them achieve cost savings of 52%.

LPO Case Study

The Client

The client who approached GAMI LLC is a Fortune 100 media empire with around 25 million subscribers. The client acquired another media giant as part of an acquisition move. As part of this, around 10,000 multiple dwelling unit contracts had to be transferred from the acquired firm to the client. These contracts had to be reviewed and loaded to the client’s contract management platform.


The client was looking for a team which will deliver tasks like

  • Downloading of contracts housed in a 3rd party document management system
  • Analysis and interpretation of the contracts for extracting information
  • Entering the extracted info into Cable Company’s intranet web application along with image of the contract

Some of the main challenges foreseen in this project were the following.

  • Several contracts were aged over 20 years
  • Contracts were in different formats, style, length and layout
  • Several contracts had underwent many M&A activities in cable companies
  • Legal languages used were difficult to interpret
  • There were also multiple amendments to the same contract
  • There were also duplicate contacts with the same business entity but multiple cable companies

Historical Approach

The client has been outsourcing the tasks to law firms and legal organizations. Analysis, Review and Extraction were carried out by a team of paralegals in United States. Lawyers were also hired to sample and review the contracts.

GAMI’s solution

  • GAMI sent an experienced Project Manager, who had expertise in BPO to get trained by the client.
  • GAMI assigned the Project Manager to train a team in India for 2 weeks
  • GAMI developed a team of 21 comprising of onshore and offshore personnel with a six tier structure.
  • A Business Analyst was assigned to provide answers within 1 business day and for sampling QA
  • A Paralegal was assigned for QA, validation and for approval of batches
  • A legal advisor was assigned for training and contract interpretation
  • Project Leads were assigned for QA, Contract interpretation and project management
  • QAs were assigned to do contract uploads
  • Analysts were assigned on tasks like reading, analysis, identification and entering of data
  • Structured workflow was designed with tracking at every level
  • Transparency was introduced in the end to end process


  • Client was able to make a cost savings of 52%
  • Accuracy rate of the early batches were at 70% due to the learning curve, but it improved to accuracy rate of 95% in the later batches
  • Concluding batches were delivered at an accuracy rate of 99%
  • The project along with the rework of rejected batches was delivered on scheduled time (12 weeks).

This project’s success encouraged the client to award two new projects to GAMI LLC for de-duplication and contract processing for different legal contract records.

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