Majority of social marketing activities handled by BPM providers: Hubspot

Online marketing has evolved a new jargon in the marketing world. In today’s cyber era, where the world is interconnected with the so called social media networking sites, online marketing makes much more sense for the marketers. But to get that online marketing done right is the challenge the marketers face today.


Hiring the service of BPM service providers to manage online marketing activities is seen as the new trend among the companies. According to a latest report, released by Hubspot, a leading internet marketing portal, the companies hiring the services of BPM service providers to manage their online marketing activities have gone up to 128% in the last two years. The study titled “State of the online marketing services industry” reports that the following online marketing activities are the ones that are handled by BPM service providers.

  • Design and development
  • Analytics
  • Content creation
  • Monitoring
  • Research and Strategy
  • Status update
  • Community management

Excerpts from the report:

  1. As per the survey result, the online marketing activities are handled by BPM providers rather than a company’s in-house marketing professional.
  2. According to the survey only 35% of the companies have hired a full-time in-house marketing professional to handle their social media activities whereas other firms have hired the service of marketing process managers to handle one or more of the online marketing activities.
  3. Among the respondents, only 33% of the companies have hired professionals to handle specific functions like sales, copy writing etc and remaining 67% have hired marketing process managers to manage the specific functions of online marketing.
  4. According to the survey result, only 9% of the companies dedicate their resources for internet marketing functions and remaining 91% utilize the resources provided by the BPM service providers.
  5. The top most online marketing activities that are handled by the marketing process managers are web design, brand marketing and SMO. This was followed by SEO, content creation and email-marketing.
  6. About16% of the survey respondents indicated that they would hire the service of BPM providers to manage their content creation activities for the websites or the blogs more in the future and about 13% of them indicated to handover more of SEO activities to BPM providers. The list was followed by pay per click, design and web development.
  7. About 13% of the respondents among the service providers said that they use technology to manage the marketing process of their client.
  8. According to the respondents, hiring the service of BPM providers to handle online marketing give them access to experts, saves time and money and allows them to concentrate on other core competency areas where they are the real experts.

You can view the report by following the link.

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