Managing Stress in Call Centers

The hectic life today is the primary reason for development of stress. Everyone is stress prone and people working in call centers are almost immune to stress factors as they have to deal with the tough schedules of their assigned work including long working hours.

Managing stress is simple and can be done by following several simple behavioral, thinking and relaxation techniques.

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Simple Ways to Manage Stress

Behavioral Techniques

Behavioral / practical stress management practices include a healthy routine. It involves physical exercise, a balanced diet and a proper life-style. Physical activity is important as it relaxes the mind and enhances the energy to work. Food is a major factor which decides one’s behaviour. So it is important to follow a diet rich in vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates.

It is also essential to reduce alcohol consumption and smoking which causes vulnerability to stress and mood swings. This is an effective technique since all these are well within an individual’s control.

Relaxation Techniques

There are a number of relaxation techniques like relaxing the muscle groups for about five or ten seconds. This helps in managing stress effectively. Mind relaxation techniques include yoga and meditation. These techniques teach how to keep the mind focused and relieve oneself from stress.

There is also another technique called visual imagery which involves imagining oneself free from stress or coping with stress effectively. This also helps in managing stress in a better way.

Cognitive thinking Techniques

This is the best way to manage stress in call centers. Thinking techniques are now the main focus of almost all the stress management programs. The first step in the process is to identify ones thoughts that are negative, rigid and stress-inducing.

Motivation theories are implemented to rout-out the stress producing thoughts and this comes only from strong determination. This technique helps to get rid of thoughts of worthlessness. Stress is mostly caused when one expects others to act according to their wishes and needs. It comes as a result of rigidity.

In addition to all this, unrealistic demands of perfection from oneself can also induce stress. After analyzing the thoughts creating negative effects and stress one should move to the process of cognitive thinking to get rid of such thoughts and develop a good positive thinking and approach for oneself.

Repeated failures in attempts and rejections must be dealt in a positive way and must be replaced by changes required for an effective work.

Dealing with stress demands determination and achieving that can help one challenge stress in a better way. The call centers are filled with victims of stress. Proper mind techniques and taking things easy makes managing stress effortless.

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